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Art loses out in transition to online courses

Art loses out in transition to online courses

Travis Wynn, Photojournalist

May 14, 2020

De Anza's art classes are not worth the price of tuition in an online format. Students in online art classes are still paying the same amount for their classes but not receiving the same opportunities or benefits they would if these were face-to-face classes. Granted, taking art classes during...

Two steps forward and one step back: FDA changes blood donation policy

Free HIV testing stations in the South Bay

Keegan West, Reporter

May 14, 2020

On April 2, the FDA changed its policy of required sexual inactivity before blood donation for gay and bisexual men decreasing the period by 9 months in response to shortages caused by COVID-19. The changes made by the FDA are not progressive, but rather are representative of a discriminatory process ...

Esports are not breaking new ground, despite the hype

Gamer playing

Vanessa Nazareno, Reporter

May 9, 2020

It is true that esports showed an increase in viewers ever since the pandemic started, but I don't think that trend will continue to grow once major sports resume their currently paused seasons. With all the major sports getting suspended, many Americans felt the void of not having games to look forward...

Better life during quarantine through food

Better life during quarantine through food

Travis Wynn, Photojournalist

May 7, 2020

There are many downsides to this sheltering-in-place life, but the best thing we can do for ourselves right now is adopting healthier eating habits. Being stuck at home during this difficult time does not mean we have to fail on our 2020 health goals. We should and can be finding new healthy ways ...

Defining our new normal

Defining our new normal

Ashonti Ford, Reporter

May 5, 2020

We have officially embarked upon the largest pandemic the United States has ever seen and for those of you who are avoiding the reality that this may be our new normal, please insert tequila shot here. By now, you’d love a haircut, some nightlife, or at the very least the chance to crowd around...

Between snacks, consider video games to pass the time in quarantine

Image by Marko Deichman from Pixabay

Keegan West, Reporter

May 3, 2020

Alas, the quest to fill the time between frequent trips to the refrigerator is over. Clean the Cheeto dust off those fingers, get comfy and grab a controller, because video games offer an exciting platform that allows us to connect with our friends and put the anxieties of quarantine life on pause. According to the CDC, “Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming ...

Utilizing Minecraft as a universal loophole for information

Image by Chickenonline from Pixabay

Lauren Locquiao, Staff Reporter

March 30, 2020

Minecraft has been a household game for quite sometime now. It was introduced in 2009 and wasn’t really thought of anything special. It may seem like a mindless game just for fun, but users have the power and are just limited by their minds to create. One of these creations is the map The Uncensored...

Knowing your audience is key 


Joaquin De La Torre, Staff Reporter

March 29, 2020

Some might argue that Linkedin's current attempt to pander to a younger generation of users by adding a stories feature to their platform is kind of pointless and ridiculous, however, I think it is actually a fairly good idea. Originally, the main purpose of Linkedin was so that professionals could...

Features of Influencing

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Taylor Park, Staff Reporter

March 28, 2020

In our society social media is becoming increasingly more essential to everyone’s lives whether it be through Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Snapchat. With social media slowly becoming more essential to life, the influencer jobs are going to continue to grow and reach more...

Don’t surrender to fake news

Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

Thomas Anthony, Staff Reporter

March 27, 2020

Fake news presents one of the most immediate and pervasive threats to the health of American democracy and discourse. To prevent the further degradation of our civil society, we must act with urgency and purpose to stop the viral spread of disinformation and outright lies. In December 2016, a man w...