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Letter to the editor: ‘Work to contract’ issue, De Anza needs stronger leadership

Meredith Heiser-Duron, Guest Contributor

June 4, 2018

Dear Board, Chancellor, and College Presidents,   I am here in my office on Tuesday grading the last 20 papers in Poli 1, which I could not finish over the holiday weekend. However, I find my mind drifting to the “work to contract issue” and what it means in terms of respect for/collabo...

Letter to the editor: Vote no on Measure A

Lawrence Su and Alexander Mabanta, Guest Contributors

May 21, 2018

Editor: Measure A is a proposal to amend the Santa Clara City charter to allow a two multi-member district election system with rank-choice voting by single-transferable vote. The plan is to split the city into two districts, straight along El Camino; the heart of the Korean-American community. This...

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 5

February 9, 2018

Need for parking lot safety persists Editor: Hi! I just read your article about installing video cameras in the parking lots, and I thought why hasn’t it been done yet. I just got into a major accident last week in front of the Stelling Parking Lot. I got an estimate of about $5000 worth of damages...

Letter to the Editor: Response to anti-camera surveillance opinion

Chief of Police Ronald Levine

June 25, 2017

The editorial opinion article posted on-line on June 22, 2017, written by News Editor, Kunal Mehta, again contains a number inaccuracies and misconceptions. On the same day the opinion piece was posted, I attended the La Voz Open Forum, in the Fireside Room, in the Hinson Campus Center. I availed...

June letters to the editor

June letters to the editor

June 22, 2017

De Anza's poor quality of food Umer Sheikh, Dear La Voz, I am writing to inform you about the bad quality of food in De Anza College. Many students spend most of their time in the college studying, and at least the college management can do is provide them with hea...

Letter to Editor: FHDA Chief of Police responds to editorial opinion

Letter to Editor: FHDA Chief of Police responds to editorial opinion

Ronald Levine, Chief of Police

June 19, 2017

This letter is a response to the following: The editorial opinion article in the June 19, 2017 edition of La Voz, contains a number inaccuracies and misconceptions. I will address each of these individually, as they are found in the article. Community Oriented Policing ...

Letter to the editor: Proud of De Anza’s divestment

Letter to the editor: Proud of De Anza's divestment

Rich Wood

April 9, 2017

La Voz, I am writing as a former Instructor of Sociology at De Anza from 1993 through 2009 and a faculty adviser to Students for Justice and the Muslim Students Association. I have just learned of the DASB Senate's decision to divest from four corporations involved in the Israeli occupation of Palestine. I...

Letter to Editor: Apalled at DASB Senate

Letter to Editor: Apalled at DASB Senate

Lida Kurth, English Professor

March 20, 2017

Editor’s note: The DASB senate later renewed the $180,000 portion of the budget for classified staff after learning that the administration would not pick up the funds. Dear Editor: I was disheartened — actually, I was appalled — at the DASB Senate’s decision to defund classified staff (who pr...

Letter to the editor: Students are ready for organic snacks and drinks in vending machines

Halia Djait

December 4, 2016

At De Anza College, the Director of Dining Campus Center, Patrick Gannon, conducted a survey to find out if students are interested in organic drinks and snacks in vending machines. The Vasconcellos Institute for Democracy in Action (VIDA) students who believe in becoming agents of change at De Anza...

Letter to the editor: Critique of coverage

Shirley Gardner

December 3, 2016

The article about Brian Murphy's "anti-Trump rally" is inaccurate. It was just a T-shirt making event, and Brian, who did not lead the event, merely spoke a few words. The scraps of information that were put together do not make for a comprehensive read since some are given without context. I hope that...