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Jake Tonkel, candidate for San Jose City Council, is the better candidate for District 6

Jake Tonkel is the right candidate for San Jose City Council in District 6.

Camila Fernanda Ortega, Reporter

October 26, 2020

San Jose voters should support Jake Tonkel for city councilor in the upcoming elections because of his stance on political contributions and his familiarity with local issues. Tonkel is a biomedical engineer in District 6, and a San Jose native. I found it progressive of Tonkel to decline poli...

Decision to stop census early is dangerous to underserved communities

Decision to stop census early is dangerous to underserved communities

Ryan McCarthy, Reporter

October 26, 2020

With the Trump administration’s decision to stop the census counting, many underserved groups and communities at an even greater disadvantage. The Supreme Court suspended an original order to extend the census counting until Oct. 31, which helps President Trump exclude undocumented immigrants f...

NFL should follow safety protocols seriously to save season

football player

Oscar Frias-Rivera, Reporter

October 16, 2020

During these hard times of COVID-19, many people question if football should still be played. Football should continue until there is a serious outbreak and a solid reason to push back games for the season.  To avoid an outbreak which would stop the season, the National Football League needs to take COVID-19 s...

The NFL apology for its handling of Kaepernick’s peaceful protests, far too little too late

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Keegan West, Reporter

June 23, 2020

It took nearly three and a half years, the highly publicized murder of George Floyd and a public plea from players for the National Football League to formally acknowledge that they were wrong, they should not be lauded for meeting the bare minimum.  Colin Kaepernick, former 49ers quarterback, first peacefully pro...

What lies beneath the Black Lives Matter endorsement

What is behind the ink that claims, Black Lives Matter. Image from

Ashonti Ford, Reporter

June 19, 2020

Big American brands are getting in formation to support the Black Lives Matter movement.  Even Roger Goodell, the National Football League commissioner said, "We, the National Football League, condemn racism and the systematic oppression of black people. We admit we were wrong for not listening to NFL...

Mom, Dad, let’s talk about race

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Leticia Samame, Reporter

June 16, 2020

As uncomfortable as they can be, conversations about race between you and your loved ones can spark eye-opening realizations on matters that impact your way of living. In light of the Black Lives Movement, communities of all races are taking notice of the power in speaking out, standing up and using ...

With no support students cannot continue to pay the same price for tuition

Student Loan Debt

Keegan West, Reporter

June 12, 2020

For colleges nationwide, face-to-face learning has halted until further notice, but colleges continue to charge the same tuition price. Students have been forced to accept a lower quality of education without access to campus resources and facilities, hands-on learning, tutoring and limited faculty...

Why we are still marching for justice

Black Lives Matter Rally: San Jose, Ca.

Ashonti Ford, Reporter

June 10, 2020

I was one of many veins pumping justice into the heart of our community, as I walked with Black Lives Matter protesters screaming, “We ... can’t ... breathe!” George Floyd is not the reason, but today as hundreds of people walked in solidarity, he is the cause. Floyd, who was murdered in...

Dating is canceled until further notice

Kisses Mask Romance. Graphic by Ritwik_P on

Roselle Lagmay, Reporter

June 4, 2020

June 20 is the first day of summer in the United States and all the single people out there looking for a relationship should stay home because right now the only relationship they should be forming is with themselves. Don't get me wrong, I can totally see the appeal of getting a summer 'boo.' Summ...

My experience navigating De Anza’s free mental health care

My experience navigating De Anza’s free mental health care

Annalise Freimarck, News/Features Editor

May 29, 2020

Some of my first memories of anxiety as a kid were trying to fall asleep at night and worrying that my aging grandparents were going to die that night and I could do nothing about it. I would lay in my full size bed surrounded by Disney princess stickers and pastel pink walls, wide awake, worried...