The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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Student volunteers participate in weekly FA PAC meetings for Cindy Chavez by phone banking and discussing relevant issues her campaign addresses over Zoom. FA PAC interns Miriam Rodriguez and Izzy Scotti lead a discussion on housing in preparation to phone bank later in the meeting on May 11, 2022.

Political Action Committee at De Anza supports Cindy Chavez for San Jose mayoral election

Aaron Johnson, Reporter | June 6, 2022

Students and faculty from Foothill and De Anza have been given the opportunity to be politically active in their communities through a group known as Faculty Association Political Action Committee (FA...

Staff at De Anzas food pantry wears a mask while working as per district policy.

With more in-person events returning, Chancellor’s Advisory Council debates indoor masking policies

Ayah Ali-Ahmad, News Editor | June 6, 2022

On May 5, Chancellor Judy Miner proposed to make changes to Foothill-De Anza’s AP 3507 COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement by making indoor masking reflect that of Santa Clara County’s guidelines and...

Students pose with the balloon from the LGBTQ Alliance Club. (Left to right: Sai Manaswini Nabadhanam, 21, computer science major; Celine Nghiem, business administration major; Tahoe, political science major.)

Club Day reveals students’ eagerness to find community amid the pandemic

Juliette Fesas, Reporter | June 4, 2022

On April 28, crowds of hundreds of energetic students buzzed around the fountain on De Anza College’s main quad for the first in-person Club Day since the pandemic. The event was hosted by the college’s...

Students visit booths along the main quad to ask questions and speak to representatives of different programs, services and Villages.

De Anza College holds first in-person enrollment day event since pandemic

Oscar Rodas-Castillo, Reporter | May 23, 2022

On April 30, the De Anza main quad was filled with exciting chatter amongst booths of current De Anza students, staff and eager high school students asking questions about college life, the different community...

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Shared governance update: With deadline fast approaching, President Holmes asks College Council to try again

Kevin Nguyen, Editor-in-Chief | May 12, 2022

After a year-long review of De Anza College’s shared governance model brought about the first recommendation of its kind in over 20 years, President Lloyd Holmes has told College Council that he is not...

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Work-to-contract update: Foothill-De Anza faculty reach salary agreement within four days of action

Yvonne Phan, Reporter | May 12, 2022

After carrying out a work-to-contract action in order to advocate for a pay raise, the Foothill-De Anza Faculty Association and the community college district have reached an agreement to increase faculty...

Expanded hours for all on-campus student services began on April 6, and large in-person events like the Clubs and Inter Club Council’s (ICC) quarterly club fair and the De Anza flea market are slated to happen later this month. (Porter)

Chancellor Miner calls for ‘reimagining’ the Foothill-De Anza district from in-person to hybrid model

Abby Porter, Reporter | April 28, 2022

As some students return to campus and most others continue to prefer online learning, Foothill-De Anza Chancellor Judy Miner said a new enrollment management committee will be formed to “reimagine the...

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Faced with rising costs while teaching during the pandemic, Foothill-De Anza faculty vote to withhold extra work until they get a raise

Yvonne Phan, Reporter | April 22, 2022

Beginning Monday, April 25, Foothill-De Anza faculty and counselors will begin a work-to-contract job action, limiting their job responsibilities to only what is in their job description and potentially...

March 17 - Over 100 stakeholders, many of whom displaying Democracy Means Everyone Zoom backgrounds, watch College Council discuss and debate shared governance at De Anza College.

De Anza President Lloyd Holmes must decide on whether to change college’s planning and budget processes

Kevin Nguyen, Reporter | March 23, 2022

“When I got here, people were saying over and over again that our shared governance model is terrible.” That is what Lloyd Holmes inherited when he was hired as De Anza College president in 2020,...

De Anza students, staff and faculty can get tested on Wednesdays between 12:30 and 4:30 p.m. in Parking Lot A.

De Anza finally offers free on-campus PCR tests to all students and faculty

Michael Davis, Editor Emeritus | March 14, 2022

De Anza College has started free on-campus testing for all current students and faculty in Parking Lot A from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. every Wednesday. The site went live shortly before the Feb. 28 town hall...

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