The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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The voice of De Anza since 1967.

La Voz News

The voice of De Anza since 1967.

La Voz News

Sophia Garcia, an outreach director from Redistricting Partners, outlining Foothill-De Anzas upcoming districting process to trustees and members of the public at the first public meeting held in-person since the pandemic started.

Foothill-De Anza District forced to move away from at-large elections, with new districts coming in 2022

Kevin Nguyen, Features Editor | October 17, 2021

Spurred by a potential lawsuit that accused it of having violated an article in the California Voting Rights Act that bans at-large election systems, the Foothill-De Anza Community College District Board...

The De Anza Academic Senate met Monday to address affordable housing and continue developing their goals for the year.

Academic Senate discusses affordable housing and goals for the year

Rory Conlon, Reporter | October 13, 2021

The De Anza College Academic Senate met to continue developing their goals for the school year and evaluate an affordable housing plan targeted toward helping low-income students. Senate president Cheryl...

DASG senate members meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 6.

DASG to co-sponsor upcoming affordable housing town hall

James Rahn | October 10, 2021

Furthering their efforts to support and include students, the De Anza Student Government voted unanimously to co-sponsor an affordable housing town hall at their meeting Wednesday.  The event’s organizer...

The De Anza Academic Senate meet on Zoom to discuss both online and in-person learning issues.

Academic Senate discusses COVID-19 testing complications and disappearing Kanopy videos

Jacqueleine Liu, Reporter | October 5, 2021

The De Anza Academic Senate discussed issues arising from COVID-19 student testing and complications with online learning materials on Monday.  Regarding students who have returned to campus, Faculty...

DASGs first meeting attendees of the academic year

The DASG aims to ease students’ struggle for this academic year

Teddy Ha, Social Media Editor | September 30, 2021

The new De Anza Student Government president, Anahi Ruvalcaba, and new vice president, Sarah Morales, shared their potential goals and plans during their first DASG meeting on Wednesday. Their first...

Source: Pixabay

De Anza enforces vaccine requirement as campus partially reopens

Maida Suta, Reporter | September 27, 2021

Editor's Note: According to Marisa Spatafore, the final number of students who did not upload vaccination proof to the Pyramed app was 69 students. After a year and a half of campus being closed and...

A panel on racial justice consisting of members of De Anzas BSU, Umoja counselor Maurice Canyon, counselor Glynn Wallis and local community activists.

De Anza’s Black Student Union finds new life

Kevin Nguyen, Reporter | June 26, 2021
De Anza College’s Black Student Union has revived this year, hoping to build a vibrant and sustainable student-led organization.
Palestinian solidarity protest outside of British Parliament on June 2018. Source: Alisdare Hickson (Wikimedia Commons)

DASG overwhelmingly passes Palestinian solidarity resolution

Kevin Nguyen, Reporter | June 19, 2021
The De Anza Student Government Senate overwhelmingly endorsed a resolution on June 11 to stand in solidarity with Palestinian students at De Anza College and loved ones who may have been affected by the recent violence in the Israel-Palestine region.
The transferring class of 2021 shares advice to future transfer students.

Transfer students at De Anza learn more about their new universities at Transfer Success Celebration

Lianna Vaughan, Reporter | June 19, 2021
The Transfer Center and Mentors@DeAnza created a forum for transfers to meet others attending the same university and to speak with UC and CSU representatives at the Transfer Success Celebration on June 16.
Attendees of the Chancellors return-to-campus information session listen for answers to their questions.

Senior staff at De Anza answer questions about returning to campus

Lianna Vaughan, Reporter | June 14, 2021
After faculty raised concerns about returning to campus, Chancellor Judy Miner invited them to ask questions in her return-to-campus information session.
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