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Smoking at De Anza might become a thing of the past

Yami Sun, Miguel Cerda, and Abhiram Prattipati | November 18, 2018

A 100 percent smoke-free De Anza College campus might be a possibility for future students after a proposal by Chancellor Judy Miner at the Chancellor’s Advisory Council meeting on Oct. 5 and health and wellness director Mary Sullivan’s proposed policy to the Foothill-De Anza district on Monday Nov. 5. The California Community Colleges Board of Governor passed a resolution encouraging all community...

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Christian Trujano and Brenna White | November 12, 2018

Football was given two weeks for the dean of athletics to come up with a plan to make more cuts in the program, said Lorrie Ranck, co-chair of the Instructional Planning and Budget Team. College Council decided at the Nov. 1 meeting to accept the IPBT plan to eliminate the football and water polo program. This plan would have included other cuts in vacant faculty positions and a supplemental executive...

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Jocelyn Hernandez, Staff Reporter | November 8, 2018

The Foothill-De Anza Faculty Association ratified a deal with the district resulting in a temporary five percent pay raise for faculty on Thursday, Oct. 11. Three-hundred six faculty members voted in favor of ratifying the salary settlement and two opposed, according to an email from Faculty Association president Tim Shively. In the spring quarter, faculty members requested a cost of living adjustment...

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Hwan Lee, Staff Reporter | November 7, 2018

The DASB senate made a public announcement reinforcing the policy of carpool spaces for De Anza College, assuring that more compact parking spaces would be removed to substitute for more carpool spaces on Wednesday, Oct. 24. The addition of carpool spaces have already been in set in stone, but the senate claims that De Anza students will have more free access to parking as time passes. The endorsement...

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Former student trustee to serve on board almost a decade later

Shiri Marwaha, Staff Reporter | November 2, 2018

After an over 30 percent increase in tuition at De Anza College during the Great Recession, former De Anza student Patrick Ahrens felt a call to get politically involved. As a student, Ahrens served as student trustee on the Foothill-De Anza Board of Trustees for one year and centered his activism towards the community college budget cuts, he said. Soon, almost a decade after serving as student trustee,...

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Playoff bound De Anza football team may be doomed

Christian Trujano, My Do, and Tyson Tsoi | October 31, 2018

Two weeks after impassioned pleas to keep De Anza’s football program because of the diverse students it serves, the committee charged with making cuts voted against the team. The football team is heading to the playoffs but will likely be their last. “We have to look at success rates and disproportionately impacted populations, but we also need to look at the overall costs. It is a high-cost...

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