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Stephanie Lam and Shiri Marwaha | January 13, 2019

Students will see an absence of classified staff in the Student Success Center after a consensus vote was passed, eliminating six classified positions during a joint College Council, Administrative Services, Instructional Services and Student Services meeting on Jan 10. Other positions include Assessment Center, College Operations, Physical Education and Counseling and College Life. With the eliminations,...

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Danny Acosta appointed new Chief of Police

Jocelyn Hernandez, Staff Reporter | December 17, 2018

Son of immigrant parents, Daniel Acosta, newly appointed Chief of Police at Foothill-De Anza Community, hopes to build a better relationship between the police department and the community it serves. Born in the Sacramento area in a town called Colusa, Acosta was raised in San Jose as the middle child of immigrant parents from Mexico. He graduated from San Jose State University with a major in psychology...

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Michael Nijmeh, Staff reporter | December 5, 2018

De Anza College’s academic senate approved a proposal to support a 100 percent smoke-free campus policy, voting 14-0 with two abstentions on Monday, Nov 26. Currently De Anza College’s smoking policy allows for smoking in a few designated areas, but completely prohibits it elsewhere. Smoke, whether it comes out of a vape or a lit cigarette is a Class A carcinogen and it doesn’t get any worse...

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Damon Ong, Staff reporter | December 5, 2018

To increase political involvement in school for the recent midterm elections, outreach campaigns by the political science department and the VIDA office engaged students’ involvement to spread voter awareness. Ultimately, they were a success, with over 800 new registrations based off of a single “voter registration” campaign done by political science students. “While the numbers of registrations...

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Not so wealthy, De Anza international students’ financial struggle

Damon Ong, Staff Reporter | December 4, 2018

Often seen as affluent and nonchalant by local students, international students face their own set of financial and adjustment problems in De Anza College which often flies under the radar. An informal poll of 20 local students revealed that the general consensus in the De Anza community is that international students are well-off and hence have little problems. “You see those expensive Porsches...

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Hwan Lee, Staff Reporter | December 3, 2018

De Anza College community members brought up concerns about police misconduct and accountability at the chief of police open forum on Wednesday, Nov. 28. The three candidates, Danny Acosta, Kenneth Laird and Daniel Hect, provided their thoughts about better accessibility between community members and the police and the establishment of a policing committee with students and faculty involved when asked...

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