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Mael Lorach, Staff Reporter | January 23, 2020

After Iran accidentally shot down passenger jet Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 in Tehran this month, Yeganeh Modirzadeh, English instructor, found out that some of her friends and relatives had died in the crash. The downed plane is one of the recent events that has occurred following the assassination of Iranian general Qasem Solemani, conducted by President Donald Trump. “Why do...

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Aliya Nupbay, Staff Reporter | January 23, 2020

DASB Senate unanimously passed the endorsement of the campaign for measure G and H, a Foothill-De Anza bond and parcel tax that seeks to improve the students’ and faculty's experience at the college district. If the measure is passed, $898 million will be allocated to the bond and $48 million will be allocated to the parcel tax. Student trustee Genevieve Kolar, 20, liberal arts major, said...

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Dylan Newman, Staff Reporter | January 23, 2020

Registration issues affected several students and professors at the beginning of winter quarter 2020. Ilan Glasman, music instructor and chairman of the department of music, had five of his classes dropped this quarter within one month of student registration, despite only being a few students short to keep the class. Nearly 60 music students were affected by this issue. Glasman is one of many...

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Annalise Freimarck, News Editor | January 21, 2020

The Foothill-De Anza Board of Trustees plans to increase student wage to $15 an hour in January 2021, which may result in student employee lay-offs, a decrease in new hires and an increase in prices at the bookstore and cafeteria. De Anza College employs 802 students on campus. According to estimations by the district and Susan Cheu, vice chancellor of business services, that number will drop to...

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Assemblyman Evan Low holds community event for members to hear out proposals and suggestions

Annalise Freimarck, News Editor | January 15, 2020

Assembly member and De Anza College alumnus Evan Low hosted “Pancakes and Proposals,” a free event where members of the community could come and eat pancakes, while suggesting bill proposals to Low and his legislative team, written on the back of construction paper pancakes. The event was held in the Campbell Community Center on Saturday, and aimed to open up the legislative process to community...

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Phillip Plymale, champion of the almost 50-year old De Anza Flea Market comes to check in on his work and meet with current DASB Senators

Kathleen Quinn, Staff Reporter | December 7, 2019

Phillip Plymale, previous President of the now-named De Anza Student Body Senate from 1976 to 1977, recalled his time championing and developing the now almost 50-year old De Anza Flea Market as he met with current DASB Senators to discuss its future and its past. Plymale attended De Anza from 1975 to 1978 and was President of the formerly named “Associated Students of De Anza.” Plymale met...

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