The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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The voice of De Anza since 1967.

La Voz News

The voice of De Anza since 1967.

La Voz News

Vanisha Ojha is a 19-year-old international transfer student who is studying business. She transferred this quarter to De Anza College from India and currently works in the school cafeteria

The international student workforce that keeps De Anza going

Courtney McClain, Reporter | December 15, 2021

After not having on-campus schooling for a year and a half, the international transfer students at De Anza College have come together to help revive the  school’s vital functions. The cafeteria, book-store...

Source: De Anzas Villages homepage

De Anza College seeks to connect students through “Villages”

Kaylee Flores, Reporter | December 12, 2021

In the fall 2021 quarter, De Anza College’s Guided Pathways initiative announced the new student “Villages.” Guided Pathways is an educational model drafted by a team of classified professionals,...

Alicia Garza, author of The Purpose of Power and co-creator of BLM, shared her journey of community organizing and talked candidly about her struggles.

Black Lives Matter co-founder and author comes to De Anza to talk about racial justice and other issues

Georgina Munoz-Villanueva, Reporter | December 12, 2021

On Oct. 28, author and Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza talked about the importance of community organizing and gave her opinion on in-campus police on De Anza’s “One Book, One College, One...

View from outside of the De Anza police station. Campus security and other administrative tasks are managed by a handful of officers, unarmed community service officers and part-time student employees.

In the wake of Black Lives Matter, some students call for defunding Campus Police while administration has other plans

Even though it was over a year ago and 2,000 miles away, George Floyd’s murder continues to reverberate throughout the country. The timing and footage of his death renewed a charged debate about the...

Trash cans pile up to collect debris around Vallco’s demolition site.

What Vallco Mall’s redevelopment symbolizes about Cupertino’s past and future

Yvonne Phan, Reporter | December 6, 2021

After years of dispute and indecision, Vallco Mall is finally being redeveloped into mixed-use housing, but it's gradual slide into lifelessness throughout the 2010s is evidence of what could happen when...

Evan Franco (right) and Mannat Gill (left) receiving their All-American performances.

A quiet powerhouse: De Anza Cross-Country finishes the season with both teams ranked in top 10

Cameron Oleary, Reporter | November 30, 2021

Cross country is a sport that does not get covered a lot but deserves to be talked about as it is a grueling sport that only some of the best athletes can compete in. It is a long distance running sport...

Source: VIDA homepage

VIDA inspires students to make a change in the nonprofit sector

Kaitlyn Khov, Reporter | November 24, 2021

Many students are unaware of De Anza College’s learning communities, an umbrella term for groups of directors and students who share a common academic goal. For example, the Vasconcellos Institute...

Professor Janet Shaws ballet students rehearse in the dance studio for the first time in one and a half years.

How De Anza’s Creative Arts Division survived the pandemic

Rory Conlon, Reporter | November 22, 2021

After teaching remotely for one and a half years, Professor Janet Shaw’s ballet classes have moved back in-person. In class, her students usually file into the dance studio, pull on their pointe shoes...

From imaginary to real: How the De Anza community is trying to make the most of virtual college

From imaginary to real: How the De Anza community is trying to make the most of virtual college

Maida Suta, Reporter | November 14, 2021

From the movie “Lady Bird” or to the “Gilmore Girls” and the “To All the Boys” series, college is revered as the first true step towards independence for many young adults in the popular imagination....

Clockwise, from top left to bottom left: President Anahi Ruvalcaba, 19, political science major, Vice President Sarah Morales, 19, sociology major, chair of finance Sharon Utomo, 18, data science major, and chair of marketing and communications Sunnie Chen, 23, public policy major.

New DASG leadership discuss a paid Senate, defunding campus police and developing a stronger community

Rory Conlon, Reporter | November 9, 2021

New De Anza student government President Anahí Ruvalcaba and Vice President Sarah Morales said that they are aiming to build community among the student body and hope to create more opportunities for...

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