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Julius B. Anthony, creator of the St. Louis Black Authors of Children's Literature and

De Anza panel speaks about representation in literature and how to get students excited about reading

Kevin Nguyen, Reporter | June 19, 2021
In the De Anza College panel “Racially Relevant Literacy," Julius B. Anthony talked about how to help students enjoy reading.
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Transfer students face increase in UC applications amid pandemic

Annalise Freimarck, Editor Emeritus | June 18, 2021
To apply to their dream schools, transfer students had to deal with the pandemic-induced effects on higher education — the spike in applicants.
Environmental studies professors are worried about the new drought

Environmental studies professors are worried about the new drought

Kevin Nguyen, Reporter | June 16, 2021
Before temperatures have hit their peak this summer, California and much of the Southwest are already in a drought emergency. Environmental studies professors at De Anza College are concerned.
Panelists from De Anza's Chicanx and Latinx Studies speaker event

De Anza Chicanx and Latinx panel discusses a complex ethnic history and the emotional wounds of racism

Kevin Nguyen, Reporter | June 16, 2021
Chicanx and Latinx panelists urged the De Anza College community to dispel harmful stereotypes and set the record straight on a muddled history.
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De Anza students clean up in response to pandemic clutter

Carolyn Brown, Reporter | June 14, 2021
Clutter has piled up after students have been trapped in their rooms for more than a year. Some have now tried to deal with it.
Mental health advocate and author Abraham Sculley speaks to De Anza/Foothill students about de-stigmatizing depression during Mental Health Awareness Week May 21st

Mental health advocate Abraham Sculley speaks to De Anza students about breaking the stigma around depression

Kevin Nguyen, Reporter | June 14, 2021
Author and mental health advocate Abraham Sculley shared his experience living with and seeking help for depression on May 21, hosted by De Anza College Psychological Services and Active Minds as part of their “Mental Health Awareness Week.”
Panelists from De Anza's

Comparative Ethnic Studies panel series concludes with its fifth weekly meeting

Kat Pursell, Reporter | June 14, 2021
Panelists explored how attendees could put what they learned about structural racism into action on May 30, concluding the five-week-long panel series “Our Histories, Our Experiences, Our Lives: From Learning to Collective Action.”
After A Year of Separation, De Anza community finally reunited with others

After A Year of Separation, De Anza community finally reunited with others

Stephanie Tran, Reporter | June 14, 2021
Thanks to vaccination efforts, people have started to meet each other without fear of the virus — all in a span of two months.
Maurice Canyon (left) and Umoja students (right). Source: De Anza College

New Umoja counselor at De Anza hopes to be there for his community

Rahul Makhijani, Reporter | June 14, 2021
The new Umoja counselor is Maurice Canyon, a former Umoja member dedicated to giving back to the community that guided him.
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De Anza students change up their living spaces after a year in isolation

Johnny Dang, Reporter | June 14, 2021
People have now been stuck at home in the same living spaces for well over a year. For some De Anza College students, it is time to make some changes.
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