The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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The voice of De Anza since 1967.

La Voz News

The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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Screen shot of Jordan Kenery talking, from his Humans of De Anza profile video.

A day in the life of a De Anza student athlete

Anna Bhogra, Staff Reporter | March 23, 2024

Jordan Kenery, 19, kinesiology major, is a star track athlete with only three years of training under his belt. He races the mid-distance events, which consist of the 800m and 400m. Just like most student...

English faculty member publishes new book

Sabrina Kulieva, Staff Reporter | March 14, 2024

A semi-retired English faculty member at De Anza college and co-founder of Flash Fiction Forum has published a new book. Lita Kurth first worked in the reading department at De Anza around 1996. After...

Jon Orc, lead singer and guitarist of Hemorage, sings to the gathered crowd of fans, with cop cars flashing their lights in the distance.

Bands of the bay: Hemorage

Mackenzie Jardine, Editor-in-Chief | January 24, 2024
“Pull up right behind them,” Drummer Ron Roussell said to lead vocalist and guitarist, Jon Orc. Orc rounds the corner in their bus, quickly met with the flashing red and blue lights of six cop cars parked down the street.
Grace Guo stands at her booth in the Hinson Campus Center.

Humans of De Anza: Crochet entrepreneur Grace Guo

Timothe Vachellerie, Staff Reporter | January 21, 2024

De Anza College, meet Grace Guo, 23, the crochet artist behind Golden Lemon Studios. Guo said she began crocheting when she was 18 years old. “I really found motivation through my friends,...

Rachel Silveria attends the premiere of The Phantom at the Eileen Norris Theatre of the University of Southern California on Sept. 30.

Instructor, former student, co-directs ‘The Phantom,’ discusses her film accomplishments

Janae Heinz, Staff Reporter | November 5, 2023

Several years ago at De Anza College, the film department chair invited a student into her office one day and asked what her plan was as a filmmaker. That student, now De Anza Film and TV instructor Rachel...

Jessica Lukius (fourth from the left, in the third row from the top) is a communications major who has been accepted to the University of California, Los Angeles.

New adventures at UCLA

Jessie Zhou | July 1, 2023

Editor's Note: This story has been updated to correctly identify student Jerry Chen's involvement in the K-Pop Dance club, not Korean Dance Club. Two De Anza communications students were successfully...

Erica Almira, 20, literature major, works on homework at a Boba Shop in San Jose, California, on June 16.

College dropout’s second chance

John Pham | June 22, 2023

Content warning: This article discusses sensitive issues such as suicide. When thinking about life at university, many students romanticize what college is like, thinking that it will be easy to socialize,...

Hsin Yi Kuan, 19, a Mandarin translation and interpretation major, won first place at the Sports Competition for Schools contest in Kaoshiung, Taiwan, in 2019.

The steadfast tin soldier with a devoted heart for family

Lauren Linh Bui | June 10, 2023

Even with a burn that tore his skin off, he continued to work; until the blister popped.  He hid his pain so well that everyone only found out about it after an "ah." It was not even a groan of...

Jared Forman makes a drink at Power Cup Coffee on May 24. He has been the shops owner since 2011.

Coffee shop owner brings caffeinated drinks and spirit to campus

Autumn Alvarez | June 7, 2023

Many people never think about returning to their school after they graduate, but former De Anza student Jared Forman, the owner of Power Cup Coffee on campus, is an exception. “Since 1998, my life...

From left, Kanako Suda, an instructional support technician, and Praneet Vasishta, 19, psychology major, spend time at the Listening and Speaking Center on May 9.

Praneet Vasishta assists the LSC, students and scholarships

Yumeno Matsuo | May 19, 2023

Praneet Vasishta has worked as a clerical assistant for one year at the Listening and Speaking Center, a division of the Student Success Center that helps De Anza students at all levels by providing group...

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