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Upcoming student leadership conference aims inspire students to take leadership roles
The person behind the position: a deeper look at DASB presidential candidates
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Photo courtesy of Daan Stevens on Unsplash
How to improve your work environment at home
Amy Chan, Reporter | March 1, 2021
The pandemic has forced many people to work at home, leaving them with a less than ideal working environment.
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The disappointment of online graduation

John Fischer needs to sell the Oakland A’s

February 15, 2021

Oakland Athletics majority owner John Fisher needs to sell the team if they ever want to be taken as serious World Series title contenders.

Mental health is just as important as physical health: De Anza needs to do better

February 15, 2021

Expanding mental health services is more important now than ever because so many students are isolated, harming their mental health.

TikTok trend opens door to invasion of privacy

February 15, 2021

An extreme invasion of privacy is taking place on the social media platform TikTok and the company needs to do something to protect its users.

Jenny Choi

Students can pick out fresh fruits and vegetables from the Mobile Farmers Market at affordable prices.

December 11, 2019

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