The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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The voice of De Anza since 1967.

La Voz News

The voice of De Anza since 1967.

La Voz News

The gender-neutral bathroom, set on fire earlier in the year. It has been out of order for six months by now and will likely remain so for a while.

La Botomy: Gender-neutral bathroom to be fixed in 2099

Ann Penalosa, La Voz Staff | April 19, 2024

  Welcome to La Botomy, La Voz’s satire publication whose name was voted on in the De Anza Discord server. Disclaimer: In case it isn’t obvious, this is satire. We made this up. We invite...

A deactivated parking kiosk longs for the return of its former glory.

La Botomy: Free parking and the five stages of grief

Joshua Hascall, La Voz Staff | April 17, 2024
With my credit card in hand, I approached one of the many lovely, solar-powered kiosks to generously offer a financial tribute to De Anza for allowing my vehicle to occupy their pavement. That was the moment I was confronted with the ugly reality of the current parking situation. The sign that was adhered with duct tape to the kiosk read, “FREE PARKING FOR THE QUARTER;” ...
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The Roarackle: Make Tesla California’s newest religion for a win-win

Samuel Suh, Freelancer | December 13, 2023

Breaking news: Where wit crackles and laughter roars, satire strikes! The Roarackle is a satire column created in fall 2023 to poke fun at De Anza-related and/or contemporary social issues. Samuel Suh...

Social Injustice Club announced

Jamie Lamping, Staff Writer | December 2, 2016

Note from the editors: This article is satire, and intended to be read as such.  In the wake of heightened awareness and calls for solidarity after the election of Donald Trump, a counter-culture group...


November 9, 2007

*disclaimer: these opinions are 100 percent SATIRE. Only the authors' names are real, and we're actually not so sure about that, either.* It's totally real, dudeby Jay Donde Everyone knows that global...

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