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Make your voice heard in local politics

Upcoming general elections give an opportunity to change the nation
Vincent Scrivens

Voting is an essential aspect of being a productive citizen. It gives an opportunity for every adult to make an impact and have a reason to be informed about their country. Forgoing this right is an enormous loss to the individual, as well as the political landscape they occupy.

This right was hard fought by our Founding Fathers, and later by women and Black people, and it is important to honor the blood spilt and the fights won by making your voice heard through the ballot box.

In the United States, we are given privileges and rights that are founding principles of the country, one of which is our right to vote. It has been an essential aspect of our political system since the foundation of the United States, which at the time, set us apart from the majority of the world that was still under monarchy and feudal rule.

The right to vote is a foundational aspect of any democracy, and as voter turn-out decreases, the essence and benefits of the democratic system waver.

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Voting is not a requirement that is forced upon us by the state, but provided for us as a means to participate in the government that rules us, but this right has been neglected. This recent primary election saw low turnouts in California. According to a FOX40 article, of the 22 million registered voters in California, 33-35% had voted.

Voting locally, especially, has a significant impact on the community around you and allows you to make meaningful decisions for your local area. It is true that in hard-blue states such as California, dissenting presidential votes will not make much of a difference, but when voting for your local leaders and legislation, you have a much better chance to see change come from your own actions.

According to a Knight Foundation study, many non-voters said that they had a deep mistrust of the electoral system because the electoral college makes the final decisions on electing the president, money is a strong influence in politics and they believe the political system is rigged.

Although these issues are valid and should be considered, letting your voice be heard, even when you may feel it will have no impact on the outcome, is vital. Rome was not built in a day, and if you cannot stand up for your own beliefs and political convictions even on the micro-scale of local politics, there is no chance you will ever see any change you desire.

If this inaction by voters continues in the upcoming general elections and beyond, a vital aspect of our democratic-republic will be proven to be neglected.

This unique opportunity given to free countries such as America gives you the chance to express yourself and imprint yourself on your country’s history. It can also change the landscape of economic powers and privilege.

The general election in California is on Nov. 5, and gives you the chance to make your voice heard. Research candidates and legislation, participate in the voting process, and be involved with your local community.

Voting is an essential act that every American must participate in. If you believe in something, let it be known, because if you stand in silence and assume others will take charge on your behalf, you may be left with a desolate future that is completely out of your control.

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Vincent Scrivens
Vincent Scrivens, Editor-In-Chief
Vincent started pursuing journalism because he found it to be a career that has had a significant impact on the modern world. The power to rattle even the most protected establishments and people is quite enthralling to him, and he hopes to gain knowledge and skills from La Voz that can help him do just that.

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