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A night of comedy to celebrate who?

There are people fighting for their lives in the Palestine-Israel war, as politicians and journalists share a night filled with laughs, with no support towards either side
Gordon Yang
Illustration of Colin Jost, comedian and writer on “Saturday Night Live,” and President Joe Biden.

The White House Correspondents Dinner is always filled with comedy. President Joe Biden is a politician and real world issues should always be the primary concern. The dinner failed to mention any real issues the world is facing.

Biden’s speech at the dinner was filled with clever roasts and insensitive jokes.

International Workers Day was on May 1, so he made a crack on jobs. He talked about how he’s had eight comedians play him on “Saturday Night Live” and said, “who the hell says I’m not a real job creator.”

In a time when people are struggling to find and keep jobs that don’t pay enough to sustain their families, it’s no time to make a mockery about jobs.

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According to an NBC News article by J.J. McCorvey, people are struggling to find work.

“Congratulations on getting your degree. Now welcome to a tricky job market,” McCorvey wrote. “Meanwhile, Friday’s BLS data showed that the number of people employed part-time because their hours had been reduced or they were unable to find full-time jobs ticked up slightly to 4.5 million in April, higher than the 3.9 million level a year ago.”

He mentioned the January 6th insurrection and that if former President Donald Trump wins, he will become a dictator as soon as his presidency begins.

“Eight years ago you could have written it off as just Trump talk, But no longer not after January 6,” Biden said. “I’m sincerely not asking of you to take sides but asking but asking to rise up to the seriousness of the moment.”

He isn’t asking anyone to pick a side between him and Trump. He asked that everyone stay away from distractions that “sensationalize our politics”.

Biden’s comedic routine was targeted towards the 1% as well as people who don’t see any areas of improvement for the United States. He had no mention of the Palestine-Israel war.

Colin Jost. a comedian and writer for “Saturday Night Live,” ended the dinner with his comedic stance, actually addressing real issues. He lightly touched upon the recession, and crashing economy saying Biden is doing his best.
“Obama got us out of a recession, Biden got us out of a pandemic.”

He also slightly mentioned abortion laws.

“The candidate who is a famous New York City playboy took abortion rights away,” Jost said. “And the guy who is trying to give you your abortion rights back is an 80-year-old Catholic.”

Although it was a joke, Jost made it known people’s concerns were actually being heard.

However, Jost made a joke about his “Weekend Update” co-anchor Michael Che and told him to say, “in solidarity with President Biden, I decided to lose all my Black support.”

As a black woman, I found it very distasteful and did not enjoy the joke. It seemed like he hid behind Che and It put Black Americans in a category apart from the rest of America.

Jost made another joke mentioning the siege, by calling Columbia University a “dangerous hotspot,” in regards to the pro-Palestine encampment.

He said, “the Correspondents Association provides scholarships to promising young journalism students who may one day be sent off to cover dangerous geological hotspots like Columbia University.”

Gaza was mentioned only a couple of times throughout the dinner, but none of the speakers sent out support towards either side.

According to the U.S. department of state website, “Americans and Israelis are united by our shared commitment to democracy, economic prosperity, and regional security. The unbreakable bond between our two countries has never been stronger.”

The U.S. Department of State website also states, “The Major Non-NATO Ally designation is a powerful symbol of the close relationship the United States shares with those countries and demonstrates our deep respect for the friendship for the countries to which it is extended.”

Tens of thousands of Americans are protesting pro-Palestine. Our governors and entertainers are refusing to show their stance because of the major non-NATO alliance between America and Israel.

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