Player Profile: Julie Sam1 min read


Julie Sam

Sophomore Julie Sam (2) takes a great leap to spike the ball into the opponent’s court

Rika Kumar, Staff Writer

Captain of De Anza College volleyball team, sophomore Julie Sam, started playing on a whim when one of her best friends asked her to play at a volleyball camp the summer before high school, and continued playing throughout.

Sam is hoping to transfer to San Diego State University and would love to continue playing, either for college or for a club.

Sam’s advice to students: “Pursuing something you love is the most important thing. There will always be challenges, but putting your heart into what you’re passionate about is something that no one can regret.”

What college or professional athlete inspires you and why?

Kerri Walsh inspires me to work hard to be successful. She loves to give back to her home town and she does not forget where she came from. That’s admirable.

What challenges have you faced pursuing your sport?

My height is definitely a challenge as I pursued volleyball. Most girls are taller than I am, especially in my position, but I must face [these] challenges and work 10 times harder than those with a height advantage over me.

What is one of your more memorable moments as an athlete?

I can never find one specific memorable moment as an athlete because through all the teams I have played with, there have been various moments of success [and] hardship. I believe the most memorable moments are the moments where I can feel the nerve to win and how the team screams and cheers at every success for each and every player. I will never forget the bonds that I have created through this sport.