De Anza women’s volleyball wins 3-0 against Canada College

Susan Garcia, Staff Reporter

De Anza women’s volleyball team showed a lot of effort and confidence at a home game against Canada College, leading to a final score 3-0.

Starting first set, the Dons played as a team by communicating and making great passes leading them to take control first. But during the middle of the set, the roles switched and Canada college started catching up to the Dons, taking opportunity of missed saves.

“We played our game for the most part, ended up with a win. We had a lot of momentum with our serves our passing was able to run play. We know what we can do, we know what we are capable of and we did it,” said team captain Daysha Patalot, 18, Biology.

The Dons didn’t make it easy for them and were able to end the set with the score of 25-18, surprising the Canada team.

While the Dons played with the same energy and supported each other, things turned tough for the Canada team during the second set. The Dons took full advantage that Canada college played confused and with lack of miscommunication and mistakes made from their whole team ending the second set with 25-6.

After the second set outcome, the crowd was in complete silence. Canada college team lacked of coordination as each team member looked at each other with frustration throughout the game.

The Dons were still playing with high energy even though Canada college was able to catch up to them. But the Dons’s right front players did a great job saving and blocking. Teamwork lead them winning third set 25-18.

“We did pretty well today because we worked as a team. We put a lot of effort and our energy was good. Everyone was encouraging each other, I’m pretty proud of my team,” said team player Sepieta Paea, 19, Kinesiology.

Before their next game assistant coach Malena Han said the team needs to mix it up by having open spaces because a hard hit doesn’t always get you the point, but being smart always sometimes gets you the point also.