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Butte County wildfire smoke engulfs De Anza, campus re-opens in unhealthy conditions

Butte County wildfire smoke engulfs De Anza, campus re-opens in unhealthy conditions

Christian Trujano, Editor-in-Chief

November 20, 2018

Chancellor seeks imput after Foothill-De Anza closes 3 school days due to smoke Chancellor Judy Miner is inviting students, faculty and staff to give feedback on how the district can better handle future college closures. “Health and safety issues can be particularly challenging to navigate,” Miner ...

Playoff bound De Anza football team may be doomed

Defensive back, Aaron	Couch delivering a heartfelt speech on how football molded him into the man he is today at the Oct. 30 IPBT meeting.

Christian Trujano, My Do, and Tyson Tsoi

October 31, 2018

Two weeks after impassioned pleas to keep De Anza’s football program because of the diverse students it serves, the committee charged with making cuts voted against the team. The football team is heading to the playoffs but will likely be their last. “We have to look at success rates and dispr...

Women’s water polo, wildlife science technician recommended for elimination

Football head coach Tony Santos stands in the middle aisle of the present onlookers with a majority of De Anza’s Football team present in the hearing of Football’s call to elimination.

Christian Trujano, Editor-in-Chief

October 23, 2018

The women’s water polo team and wildlife science technician program at De Anza have been approved for elimination by the Instructional Planning and Budget team during last week's meeting on Oct. 16 after a report from the viability committee. These recommendations were sent to IPBT from the viability committe...

Monarch butterfly garden: breeding ground for insects and scientists

A butterfly lands on a plant in the garden.

My Do, Staff Reporter

October 14, 2018

In summer 2018, De Anza’s Monarch Butterfly Garden released into the wild 14 adult monarch butterflies, after saving and nurturing over 100 eggs from the milkweed plants. Data collected by the project team shows that this year’s survival rate decreased significantly compared to the previous year’s of roughly 50 percent. Launched in 2016 to prov...

Power outage cancels evening classes

Power outage cancels evening classes

Andrew Shinjo and Christian Trujano

October 11, 2018

De Anza College and the surrounding area faced a power outage on Thursday, Oct. 11 around 3:30 p.m.. A PG&E transformer was damaged and according to the PG&E website, they are assessing the cause and do not expect to restore power until 7 p.m.. Power in the elevator shut down, leaving students...

Kavanaugh not fit for Supreme Court

Kavanaugh not fit for Supreme Court

Tommy Pham, Staff Reporter

October 9, 2018

Despite being sworn on October 6, Brett Kavanaugh's hearing last Thursday and his presentation is not befitting of a Supreme Court justice. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a psychology professor at Palo Alto University, recently came forward accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct during their...

Nice Buns! De Anza Burger Review-Mac Attack Burger

Nice Buns! De Anza Burger Review-Mac Attack Burger

Brenna White, Staff Reporter

October 8, 2018

Despite its imposing name, the Mac Attack doesn’t so much attack, but half-heartedly prod you with its underwhelming execution. As an avid mac and cheese fan, I had high hopes for this burger’s ambition. The bold fusion of macaroni and cheese, patty and bacon all housed under one bun is a commendable...

A Victim’s Perspective on Sexual Assault

A Victim’s Perspective on Sexual Assault

Mayer Adelberg, Staff Reporter

October 6, 2018

When I was fifteen, I was sexually assaulted. I do not blame myself. I do not blame the youth group organization in which it took place. I blame the assaulter. He was someone in a position of power and someone I trusted as a friend. Inevitably, he turned out to be someone whose memory still sickens m...

De Anza alum creates mural celebrating equity

De Anza alum creates mural celebrating equity

Lorie Anne Reyes, Staff Reporter

June 21, 2018

De Anza alumnus and San Jose native, Samuel Rodriguez, is anticipated to finish celebratory mural by end of this month to commemorate De Anza’s 50th anniversary. The mural will adorn one side of the S-5 building located in the S-Quad and will take approximately 3 weeks to complete. Rodriguez b...

Faculty protests, student concerns raised at Foothill-De Anza Board meeting

De Anza professor Ravjeet Singh hands out proposals to solve the enrollment crisis during the Foothill-De Anza Board of Trustees’ meeting June 11.

Matt Risko, Staff Reporter

June 20, 2018

The Foothill De-Anza Board of Trustees met for the last time in the quarter on June 11 where students and faculty voiced concerns about transparency issues surrounding budget cuts, early class cancellation and Cost of Living Adjustment. The meeting began with Bruce Swenson, president of the board,...