Kavanaugh not fit for Supreme Court


Tommy Pham, Staff Reporter

Despite being sworn on October 6, Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing last Thursday and his presentation is not befitting of a Supreme Court justice.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a psychology professor at Palo Alto University, recently came forward accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct during their highschool years together.

Kavanaugh’s presentation during his trial revealed several things that came as a shocker to me about what kind of person Brett Kavanaugh is and that should be enough evidence for him to be disqualified as Supreme Court nominee.

For someone who claims to be innocent, he sure is a very pugnacious witness. He was asked by Democratic senator of Minnesota Amy Klobuchar if he had ever blacked out by drinking and instead of giving a direct answer, he answered with another question: “Have you?”

In an attempt to dissuade the crowd from the issue at hand, Kavanaugh stated that these allegations were “made up” by the Democrats in order to block deny his nomination. This shows how much he was panicking to get this over with. Why would someone who’s supposedly innocent need a fall boy? That makes no logical sense.

The way he ranted made me feel very uncomfortable. For a man who insists he is pure, his body language and overall composure made it seem like he was obviously hiding something. It’s like when your little sibling lies and you know their lying because of their awkward body language and how red their face gets.

When he was pressed with questions, he would simply sip his water. When asked again, he’d take another sip. It’s more than obvious that he’s hiding something and that made me worried.

A lot of people are describing Kavanaugh’s presentation as “aggressive, tearful and partisan compared to his other previous interviews. I absolutely agree because in his presentation he seemed tenser and more defensive, in his other interviews he looked more confident that he was innocent.

Compared to his previous calmer interviews, his emotional rant showed more than enough to prove that someone such as Kavanaugh is not ready to be in the Supreme Court.


Graphic by Christine Bainbridge