The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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The voice of De Anza since 1967.

La Voz News

The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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Virinchi Kuppa, Asiya Shaikh and Lydia Wong, three Public Policy School volunteers, solicit feedback on what issues they can bring to the state legislature.

DASG discusses increasing representation in student government and bringing student concerns to the state

John Pham | March 17, 2023

Members of De Anza College’s student government discussed implementing a new intern structure, adding positions to their new senate structure and presenting issues impacting De Anza’s community to...

DA Voices: What do you hope the next DASG members will bring to De Anza?

DA Voices: ‘What do you hope the next DASG members will bring to De Anza?’

Abel Tariku | March 9, 2023

“DA Voices” is a recurring feature used to spotlight De Anza College’s diverse community voices. We ask the same question of different people and arrange their quotes so that readers can see varying...

DASG passed a new structure for their organization on Nov. 2 with support from the Office of College Life advisors and the Dean of Student Development.

De Anza Student Government plans to restructure and pay senators

Georgina Munoz-Villanueva | February 14, 2023

In an effort to address equity barriers for low-income students, a reorganization task team made up of the DASG senate president, vice president and student trustee has proposed a new structural change...

From left: Alysa Ngo, chair of students and feedback, Wei Quan Lai, vice chair of elections and Jenny Trinh, DASG vice president, present DASG elections information at their session on Feb. 1 at the student council chamber.

DASG announces new updates for upcoming Spring quarter elections

Lauren Linh Bui | February 7, 2023

De Anza Student Government (DASG) held several information sessions between Jan. 24 and Feb. 6 to inform prospective members of what the upcoming Spring 2023 elections will entail.  Wei Quan Lai, the...

DASG revives the bike program

DASG revives the bike program

Ryan Delrosario, Freelance Reporter | November 8, 2022

With more De Anza College classes returning to in-person instruction and more students on campus, projects and programs are now starting back up. Among them is the DASG Bike Program for student to rent...

De Anza Student Governments Senate meets for their weekly meeting in the Student Council Chambers on Wednesday, Oct. 12.

DASG Senate sworn in new members during recent meeting

Jessie Zhou | November 5, 2022

De Anza Student Government convened during its weekly Senate Meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 12, in the Student Council Chambers to announce new roles and upcoming events. In this meeting, a few DASG members...

View from outside of the De Anza police station. Campus security and other administrative tasks are managed by a handful of officers, unarmed community service officers and part-time student employees.

In the wake of Black Lives Matter, some students call for defunding campus police while administration has other plans

Even though it was over a year ago and 2,000 miles away, George Floyd’s murder continues to reverberate throughout the country. The timing and footage of his death renewed a charged debate about the...

Paid members would increase diversity and quality of life of DASG senate

Paid members would increase diversity and quality of life of DASG senate

Maida Suta, Reporter | December 2, 2021

De Anza Student Government (DASG) senators have more than earned their right to a fair pay for their rigor, and establishing a paid senate should be a priority. Despite diligently working tens of hours...

Clockwise, from top left to bottom left: President Anahi Ruvalcaba, 19, political science major, Vice President Sarah Morales, 19, sociology major, chair of finance Sharon Utomo, 18, data science major, and chair of marketing and communications Sunnie Chen, 23, public policy major.

New DASG leadership discuss a paid Senate, defunding campus police and developing a stronger community

Rory Conlon, Reporter | November 9, 2021

New De Anza student government President Anahí Ruvalcaba and Vice President Sarah Morales said that they are aiming to build community among the student body and hope to create more opportunities for...

The DASG diversity and equity committee is surveying senators to determine how equitable a workplace the senate is in their Oct. 27 meeting.

DASG to survey members for diversity

James Rahn, Opinions Editor | October 31, 2021

The De Anza College Student Government began an initiative to survey its members to determine the demographics of race, gender, sexuality, national origin and other factors which influence equity at their...

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