Newly elected DASG President and Vice President of 2023-2024: Lydia Wong and Isaac Tsang

John Pham

DASG election results for the 2023-2024 school year came out on Friday, March 17, which announced Lydia Wong, the current Marketing and Communications vice chair, as DASG President and Isaac Tsang, the current senator serving the Programs and Events Committee, as DASG Vice President.

Wong, an economics major, and Tsang, a computer engineering major, said they ran for president and vice president because they saw two goals that they wanted to help with as President and Vice President.

One goal that Wong and Tsang are passionate about is student representation. The two want De Anza to be more aware of student concerns and voices while taking more initiative in advocating for students’ problems.

“Another goal (we) are planning to achieve is to support college life (by) wanting more events to be on campus,” Tsang said. “Currently, I sit on program events on (the) De Anza Student Government, and to be quite frank with you, there’s just not enough support and not a lot of events coming on campus.”

Tsang expressed that he is aware the transition from their current positions to their new roles may come with some challenges. 

“Although we have experience in the De Anza student government, being a senator is definitely different from being president and vice president,” Tsang said. “The transfer of different formation processes is certainly difficult (because) you have to go through onboarding steps, but I do think we have the experience where we have more knowledge in terms of knowing what everything is.”

Wong believes they will learn the onboarding process and become more comfortable with their new roles during the current winter and spring quarters. Additionally, they will figure out the restructuring of the De Anza student government. 

“Throughout the entirety of next year, we’ll be figuring out De Anza student government’s restructuring,” Wong said. “I’m looking forward to working with the new executive team and being able to maximize them because this was something that was completely new this year.”

While Wong and Tsang are taking up these goals from their previous student president and vice president, they are also continuing their plans of restructuring and involving DASG with the student body. 

Wong and Tsang have their own vision for next year, but they attribute some of their ideas tocurrent DASG President Amy Huang and Vice President Jenny Trinh.

Huang, 24, a tri-major in business administration, economics, and management, took over the position after leaving her role in the Marketing and Communications Committee and being replaced by Wong. 

“(Wong) was the one onboard into my role. She did a brilliant job and shortly she was actually promoted to the marketing communication vice chair,” Huang said. “So a lot of what she does is coordinating between her committee duties and just helping out with the marketing chair.”

Huang also worked closely with Isaac Tsang, complimenting his work ethic.

“He’s been one of the most diligent senators here and one of the first projects that he took on as a senator was the Measure G student forum,” Huang said. “He’s shown extremely high skill sets in organizing events and keeping everyone on track and also did a lot of the groundwork for researching backgrounds of metallurgy, as well as making sure that everyone has the correct information by compiling a fact sheet.”

Jenny Trinh, a cognitive science major, also worked with both Lydia Wong and Isaac Tsang.

Trinh believes that Lydia Wong is doing a great job this year, noting that she is handling all of her responsibilities working with many other members of DASG and the Marketing and Communications Committee.

“She’s kind of like the internal officer that works between all those people (Marketing and Communications Committee and DASG),” Trinh said. “I think Lydia has contributed a lot, and I feel that marketing was very strong this year. I believe that Lydia has been doing great in her world.”

Although Trinh has not worked closely with Isaac Tsang, she believes that he is a diligent worker in his role as a senator and working with many others as a part of the Programs and Events Committee. 

“I know that he as well as all the people that have ran this year have been doing great in programs and helping Michelle with events such as the de-stress suite, and Isaac is usually very proactive,” Trinh said. “He always asks me questions about shared governance and getting involved on a bigger scale at De Anza.” 

Lydia Wong and Isaac Tsang are seen as great individuals and have handled big responsibilities in many aspects of De Anza’s student government. Tsang and Wong are important in their respective roles, allowing DASG to have a strong future.