A Night at the Drive-In2 min read

Patricia Nguyen, Staff Writer

With prices  as high as $11.25 for evening / weekend shows seeing the next big flick isn’t always possible on a student’s budget.

So what’s the next best thing if you want to see “Iron Man 3”, but are working with a tight budget? Drive-in movies!

At the Capitol Drive-In, located on Capitol Expressway and Monterey Road, prices average $7.25 per person most nights or $5 Tuesday making this deal hard to pass up. Drive-in movies are fantastic for family and date nights.

Admission gets you a double feature, and drive-ins play up-to-date movies back-to-back.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to dress down and relax. All you need is some comfortable clothing, a blanket for those chilly nights and fun company.

Finding parking in front of your designated screen is simple. Pull up to the entrance and pay the admission fee. Choose among the five movies showing and find your spot.

Some  moviegoers prefer people with large vehicles to park near the back so they don’t block the screen.

You listen to the audio for the film through FM radio. The cashier tells you which channel corresponds with the chosen movie. If you decide to watch a different movie, you can move to another screen and find the matching station.

“If you’re looking for some summer fun at night then this is the place to go!” said De Anza College student Daniel Isozaki, 23, business major.

Food and drinks can be overpriced at theaters. At drive-ins, you wouldn’t have to worry about that.

You can satisfy your movie munchies without emptying your bank account by purchasing snacks at the local grocery store or bringing them from home.

If  you decide that you don’t want to bring your own snacks, Capitol Drive-In has a taqueria where you can purchase drinks, snacks and  food.

As long as you have a working car and radio, get ready to snuggle up and enjoy your time with some friends, family or a loved one at the Capitol Drive-In.