The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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California counties are selfishly pursuing removal of the mask mandate

Maida Suta, Reporter | October 19, 2021

Several counties across California, including Santa Clara County, have been implementing steps to remove the mask mandate, and it has become evidently clear that we have learned nothing from our previous...

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California rightly takes first step toward justice for victims of police misconduct

Louis Jacobson, Reporter | October 11, 2021

All too often, Americans are confronted by news that a police officer involved in a notorious, unjustified shooting had a history of misconduct. Finally, California has taken a positive step towards reform...

Mask mandate lifted for vaccinated: De Anza students thoughts

Mask mandate lifted for vaccinated: De Anza students’ thoughts

Kaylee Flores, Reporter | June 20, 2021
When California relaxed the mask mandate, vaccinated people started going without their masks — De Anza College students have mixed feelings about it.

California Lifts Stay-at-Home Order, Prolonging the Nightmare

Michael Davis, Reporter | February 7, 2021

On Jan. 25, California moved back into the Purple Tier, ending the stay-at-home order for no reason and making the fight against COVID-19 more of an uphill battle then it should be. This means that non-essential...

Breakdown of Proposition 15

Breakdown of Proposition 15

Annalise Freimarck, Editor-in-chief | October 15, 2020
Proposition 15 would increase taxes on commercial and industrial property owners whose property is estimated to be worth over $3 million.
Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed the high school ethnic studies bill on Sept. 9.

De Anza professors weigh in on Newsom’s ethnic studies veto

Diana Piper, Reporter | October 15, 2020

Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill that would have required an ethnic studies course to graduate high school in California, citing an unbalanced model curriculum. The veto, on Sept. 9, followed waves...

Club Highlight: Young Americans for Liberty, the only political club on campus, is proudly conservative

Travis Wynn, Staff Reporter | February 18, 2020

California has historically voted democrat, but not at the Young Americans for Liberty Club at De Anza. According to the California’s Secretary of State Report of Registration, 44% of California is...

Light up legally | Stoner Corner

Stoner Corner, Columnists | April 22, 2018

Glad tidings, and welcome to the first edition of the La Voz News Stoner Corner. This column will focus mainly on marijuana’s medical and recreational uses, while illuminating the laws and practices...

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