California Lifts Stay-at-Home Order, Prolonging the Nightmare

On Jan. 25, California moved back into the Purple Tier, ending the stay-at-home order for no reason and making the fight against COVID-19 more of an uphill battle then it should be.
This means that non-essential businesses like restaurants can reopen with outdoor dining and hair salons can open indoors with modifications.
Though a haircut from someone with a cosmetology license would be better than one from my mom, I would prefer not getting COVID-19.
The decision to remove the stay-at-home order was determined by ICU availability and positive test results, which is not nearly enough data to show the storm we’re in.
The total number of positive tests coming has decreased 3.3% from two weeks ago, which sounds like we are doing a good job. But when you look at the other statistics, things get ugly.
There are only 1,300 ICU beds now available — with that number still decreasing. At this point, we can almost assume patients will be taken care of in the janitor’s closet and hospital restrooms.
Most of California is below 15% ICU bed capacity, which tells the difference between issuing a stay-at-home order and letting the mall rats back into the mall.
The California population is only 2.05% fully vaccinated, putting us at 39th place among the other states and making the reversal of the stay-at-home order absurd.
Even with the recent decrease in the number of cases, we could see another surge in COVID-19 if we open the flood gates to all the foodies and movie-goers.
The decision sends mixed messages about public health. It wants everyone to stay indoors to prevent transmission, but also go outdoors and do some social activities that put everyone at risk (but with a mask because that makes it better).
Officials are in a tight spot, weighing the needs of public health and the economy. But you can’t play both sides and expect COVID-19 to disappear.
These are lives we are talking about, and at that point the decision should be clear — human beings over the almighty dollar.
I, for one, will stay indoors, waiting for this endless nightmare to be over.