Fun P.E. classes for Winter ’141 min read

Angel Johnson, Staff Writer

For those of you who don’t want to take typical P.E. classes to fulfill transfer credits, there are alternatives like deep water running, fencing and martial arts.

Students who take deep water running will learn water workouts which help improve endurance, flexibility and strength.

Danielle Von-Matt, De Anza’s women’s water polo coach said, “Deep water running is good for those who need to recover from an injury,” said Danielle Von- Matt, De Anza’s women’s water polo coach.

Beginning fencing is another fun course to take. Students will be able to exercise their minds while learning the psychological benefits of the sport.

De Anza also offers a number of martial arts classes.

Students who take beginning Karate will learn the art of Japanese Shotokan, which include techniques of blocking, punching and stances.

Winter quarter registration for continuing students starts Monday Nov. 25.

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