Men’s soccer undefeated1 min read


Andrew Boyce

Sophomore midfielder Zack Williams (16) blasts the ball into CCSF Rams territory.

Andrew Boyce, Staff Writer

De Anza College men’s soccer defeated the City College of San Francisco Rams 3-1 on Friday Oct. 11 with a performance filled with skill and finesse.

The men’s team started the game with a swift offensive attack forcing the opponent to take a defensive stance early in the game.

The first goal, 20 minutes into the match, was scored by freshman De Anza midfielder Cory Rodas from a beautiful cross, making San Francisco play catch up for the rest of the game.

Zaid Abu Abed scored De Anza’s second goal, bringing De Anza’s lead to 2-0.

The rest of the half continued with De Anza keeping the San Francisco’s goal keeper on his toes.

Not only was De Anza’s offense extremely well-executed, but the defense played with just as much skill and made the entire team a strong force on the field.

The goalkeeper had many amazing saves throughout the game.

Though CCSF had a few attempts at goal, nothing seemed able to get past the keeper, no matter how many times or how hard they tried.

With the half approaching, CCSF finally scored on a penalty kick, but it would not be enough to threaten the lead De Anza would hold on to for the rest of the game.

Almost immediately in the second half, De Anza dominated with several attempts on a goal, including a shot that hit the pole and was almost recovered, barely missing the back of the net.

Jose Alvos, assisted by freshman foward Rajaee DeLane, scored De Anza’s final goal. De Anza went to defeat San Francisco 3-1.

“They did great today,” assistant coach Roheet Sen said after the game, “But they still have a long season to go and the team can always do better.”