Player Q and A: Rajaee Delane3 min read


Jessica Sun

Freshman Rajaee Delane takes a moment to give quick interview Thursday, Sept 26.

Jessica Sun, Business Manager/Staff writer

Age: 19

Height: 5’10

Weight: 176

Position: forward

Major: Business/Marketing

Teams I follow: Seattle Sounders

Greatest Accomplishment:

-State meet senior year

-De Anza Force Academy finals week

-launching my own clothing company “DTFS” [Devoting Time for Success]

Athletes you look up to: Eddie Johnson who plays for the Seattle Sounders FC. I look to him because I can find some similarities between us and he’s a great player.

What challenges have you faced pursuing your sports?

A mix of things. Just being patient, that’s the key thing. We have a new team this year, a lot of new guys. Last year, the team didn’t do so well, so just bettering the program, it’s a process with the new players, new coaching staff, new system and pace. So just being patient, learn our game, training and getting to know the teammates. It’s more so a mental thing. A lot of guys come from different areas and we also have a lot of guys internationally. So just playing with each other and learning can be a process. That is probably be the most challenging thing this year.

How do you find balance between school and sports?

Just be organized, that’s the key thing. I say get your work done before training and take early classes. Stay involved in class, create good relationships with the teachers. That always helps. Try to get help whenever you need it. It’s a process I’m learning and it’s working so far.

Most memorable moments as an athlete:

It was during track and field senior year. We had a chance to go to the state meet. It was a great experience because we won the state cup that year. Also I went to state for individuals. This was big for our school since our school has never done it before, a lot of people said we couldn’t do it, and we did it. It was a great accomplishment, outside of soccer.

What keeps you motivated on the field?

I think of family and I think of my teammates. My mom, she’s been through a lot lately and she she’s been able to overcome her obstacles and for me I understand that’s hard and a lot of pressure to also deal with seven children. When I see what my mom goes through, I realize there’s no reason to be tired. I just have to rise up. So I look up to my mom mainly. And I look up to my teammates who give it their all as well. If they’re out there sweating hard, then I gotta do the same. When the game is on the line, I just gotta suck it up and keep playing until the final whistle. That’s just how the mentality is and it has to be that way.

What do you see yourself doing in five years:

I would like to fulfill my dream of playing professional soccer. I also want to get my AA degree at least. I want run my own business. It’s called DTFS, which means Devoting Time for Success. It’s a motivational type of business where I implement a lot of positive messages on clothing. I talk to a lot of athletes and kids as well and try to encourage them to keep pushing forward. It’s my own little business I have going on. The site is Outside of sports, that’s what I like doing which is getting my business project going. So hopefully in five years it’s going to be in stores.