Special teams’ game changer2 min read

Sierra College attempts to defend their endzone from De Anza at the game Saturday, Sept 28.

Marion Hohlfeld, Staff Writer

The De Anza Dons football team ended their three game winning streak after their loss to Sierra College’s Wolverines 35-28 last Saturday at their second home game of the season.

Ranked number seven in the State of California, the De Anza College football team headed into the match with odds-on favorite (3-0 vs. 1-2).

On a sunny and hot day, approximately 150 viewers saw a slow first quarter with both teams punting back and forth until De Anza’s freshman Bryan Fobbs (1) collected the first first down of the game.

The second quarter followed with more completions on both sides and some great tackles by De Anza’s sophomore defensive lineman Vic Vernon (96).

Sierra College scored first with a touch down and completed a field goal for a 7-0 lead.

De Anza counter attacked with a touch down pass from sophomore quarterback Jack Singler (11), to sophomore Bryan Fobbs (1). However a blocked field goal attempt made the Dons trail 7-6. De Anza then scored by another touch down pass to freshmen running back Lavon Donald (6) plus a successful two-point conversion by sophomore Alex Kamara (7), they took over 14-7.

“We need to make less mistakes”, said De Anza head coach Dan Atencio when asked about the improvements for the second half.

The third quarter came up to a rough start with lots of penalties on both sides before Silva kicked a 35-yard field goal for Sierra leading De Anza 14-13. The Wolverines impressed with great passes from the quarterback and a 23-yard touch down run taking the lead back 20-14.

One could think that the momentum changed again with the beginning of the last quarter when De Anza’s freshman linebacker, Epie Sona (54), intercepted a pass and the offense turned that into a touchdown. With the Dons’ 21-20 lead, Sierra College missed a 44-yard field goal attempt and got punished with another touch down pass by the Singler-Fobbs combo.

Sierra College would not give up and tied the game with a 33-yard touch down pass and two-point conversion to 28-28. The game turned towards the Wolverines favor when Demitrias Myart (16), returned the ball for a touch down finalizing the game 35-28.

Singler said, “It was a close game. We fought, we came back and we had the lead, but just didn’t get the win.” Atencio added “The turnover on the special team was a major blow.”