Softball: De Anza Dons triumph over San Mateo Bullogs 3-21 min read


Keren Lopez, Staff Writer.

SPORTSMANSHIP – The Dons and Bulldogs congratulate each other on a good game after the Don’s victory.

Keren Lopez

The De Anza Dons women’s softball team   claimed its second home game a victory over the San Mateo Bulldogs Feb. 21, with a score of 3-2. 

The tight and exciting game began scoreless until the third inning, when the Bulldogs took a 1-0 advantage.

With the crazed cheering of the team members, the game proceeded onto the fourth inning, when the Dons managed to advance past the Bulldogs and score two runs, leading to a 2-1 score.

Both the crowd and team members roared as the fifth inning began. The Bulldogs managed to score a run that tied the game. The Dons had not settled with the score and managed to score another run resulting in a 3-2 lead.

The crowd and the team members cheered in excitement and desperation for the remaining innings that yielded no results. The game came to a finish with the winning advantage for the Dons and ended with the standard handshake of both teams.

The Dons were ecstatic for their first win of the season, and said they had high hopes of nothing but wins for the remainder of their games. 

“It was great to come out for our first win and I’m looking forward to more wins and going to the championships,” said outfielder Kirstie Zimmerman.

Going against a strong rival did not intimidate the Dons. “It was a great win against our rival,” said  utility player Casey Showalter. “We did good as a whole but we could have hit a little better in the first round but other than that we did good.”

 Zimmerman and Showalter both said they have high hopes of making it to championships and will continue to play with enthusiasm and focus on winning.