Speakers highlight on-campus equity


Aaron Mata

The audience very attentive as Edmundo Norte, Dean, ICS gave is presentation.

Aaron Mata, Staff Reporter

The Media and Learning Center at De Anza College hosted Guest speakers highlighted examples of equity at De Anza College during the Lit Lunch: Bite Size Equity presentation on April 30.

Speakers who attended the event at the Media and Learning Center included counselor Robert Alexander, Dean of Intercultural and International Studies Edmundo Norte, Office of College Life Advisor La Donna Yumori-Kaku, and Isaac Lara, 19, nursing major.

“I feel like my entire life I worked on practicing equity,” said Lara.

Each guest speaker gave a six minute presentation on ways they practice equity.

“I try to practice equity in my own classrooms, even if it means learning what your favorite food is,” Alexander said.

“I found those people that drew me in and wanted to learn about me and my background, that showed authentic care.” said Alexander.

After the presentations, students stayed and discussed what they learned from the speakers.

Students also talked about how they would use the information they learned in their everyday lives.

“It makes me want to connect with my community, and also be more open minded,” said Cristian Mijares, 21, screenwriting major.

Eric Aragon, faculty director of outreach, said Lara stood out as his favorite speaker because of “the way he’s working through his journey and developing his person through his art.”