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Speakers highlight on-campus equity

The audience very attentive as Edmundo Norte, Dean, ICS gave is presentation.

Aaron Mata, Staff Reporter

May 27, 2019

The Media and Learning Center at De Anza College hosted Guest speakers highlighted examples of equity at De Anza College during the Lit Lunch: Bite Size Equity presentation on April 30. Speakers who attended the event at the Media and Learning Center included counselor Robert Alexander, Dean of Inter...

‘HIV/AIDS in the Latinx Community Event’ strives to help break the stigma around HIV

Aldo Martinez, 23, art major, plays the game Joteria, and LGBTQ+ version of Loteria during the event.

Yasmin Pando and Nick Bauersfeld

December 17, 2018

Panelists invited to speak at the ‘HIV/AIDS in the Latinx Community Event' shared their experiences living HIV positive, and how students with low-income can have access to clinics on Tuesday, Dec. 4. Audience members played a group game and listed to a presentation by the panelist speakers. A skit wa...