‘HIV/AIDS in the Latinx Community Event’ strives to help break the stigma around HIV

Yasmin Pando and Nick Bauersfeld

Panelists invited to speak at the ‘HIV/AIDS in the Latinx Community Event’ shared their experiences living HIV positive, and how students with low-income can have access to clinics on Tuesday, Dec. 4.

Audience members played a group game and listed to a presentation by the panelist speakers. A skit was performed afterwards, demonstrating what it is like to live with HIV/AIDS and how people should approach those who are diagnosed.

“If we can put aside our irrational feelings and stop shaming others, we can bring things into the light,” said audience member Tiffany Basrai, 19, pre-nursing major. “We can then talk about the biological ways to avoid AIDS.”

“We should regularly get ourselves tested,” speaker Isaac Lara, 19, undeclared major, said. “It should be looked at as a normalized procedure, such as getting our vaccines. It is not something that we should be alienated or vilified for doing. Take care of our bodies, because we only get one.”

For more information, you can visit the ‘Getting to Zero Initiative’ website, on other ways to avoid contracting HIV and how you can donate to help find solutions to cure or cope with HIV.