‘Chill City’ event focuses on de-stressing students


Students pet dogs provided by the organization, ‘Furry Friends’, in the S Quad on Nov 6.

Abby Hou, Staff Reporter

Student Health Services partnered with DASB to bring the ‘Chill City’ event onto campus.

In an effort to help minimize De Anza College students’ finals-week stress, De Anza Student Health Center hosted ‘Chill City’ on Thurs. Nov. 6.

Students were able to meet therapy dogs from the organization, ‘’Furry Friends,’’ while Health Services provided free energy bars, lollipops and bubble canisters, helping reduce the stress of students.

During the event, Health Education and Wellness Director, Mary Sullivan reached out to as many students as she could, handing out cards with information about mental help, something she does during every Chill City which is held three times a year at the end of every quarter. Students can also give the cards to those they think might need to know about mental health.

De Anza student Alexandra Paula said the Chill City event has always been going on since she came to De Anza four years ago. This is the first time she finally has time to join it.

‘’I think that dogs are the purest creatures and souls on this planet,’’ Paula said. She said at that moment, she did not feel tired anymore.