Interclub Council at risk due to budget cuts

Plans for 2019 – 2020 may put programs at risk for elimination

Kevin Coleto, Staff Reporter

A report by the Student Services Planning and Budget Team suggests significant deficits to Student Development & EOPS programs may be implemented, which may negatively affect the Interclub Council, which oversees and counsels the college’s clubs.

ICC adviser La Donna Yumori-Kaku voiced her concerns in an email, saying she “was informed that my job – Student Activities Specialist was being identified as a possible budget reduction.”

But ICC Chairman Rex Zhang said, “Clubs are not at risk of being eliminated because of these reductions.”
“The notion is that the ICC advisor position may be at risk of being terminated, which will have detrimental effects on clubs oversight,” he said.

Acting Vice President of Student Services Rob Mieso said, “Budget planning for the 2018-19 academic year will only involve vacant or retiring positions.”

“Which means no person holding a position would be in danger of being terminated,” he said. But in 2019-20, occupied staff positions may be cut.

Elias, Kamal De Anza’s student trustee, said budget reductions will be based on the recommendations from various shared governance committees on campus. These recommendations will then go to College Council by the end of the April for revisions and further recommendations before being sent to the Foothill-De Anza Board of Trustees in May.
The total budget for Student Development & EOPS Dean Michele LeBleu-Burns, will be cut by 32 percent or $2.2 million.

“This is a serious crisis that we need to address, and students should be advised that it doesn’t just concern Students Services and College Life,” LeBleu-Burns said.

“Other departments such as Admissions and Counseling are at even more risk, which may lead to issues students may need to face very soon.”

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