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Budget team votes in favor of $800,000 quad remodel

De Anza
January 14, 2021
The Instructional Planning and Budget Committee voted 22-17 in favor of an $800,000 plan to remodel the E3 quad on Jan. 12.

De Anza College IPBT committee seeks to promote, increase diversity amid budget cuts

The IPBT committee plans to promote diversity amid the threat of budget cuts.
October 7, 2020
The Instructional Planning & Budget committee is seeking a more inclusive organizational structure, following concerns about equity that threaten to disband the committee.

DASB cuts bike program, ICC funding, increases HEFAS, special allocations funding

March 10, 2020

Over $6,500 was cut from DASB Senate’s finance committee’s proposed budget, but it did not result in many redistributions for programs in Fund 41 that had been cut considerably in the proposed budget. Halina...

DASB Senate discusses budget cuts

DASB Senate discusses budget cuts
February 19, 2020

The DASB Senate discussed justifications about budget cuts and raises within the proposed 2020-21 budget, including budget cuts in campus programs and student payroll and increases in wages for DASB Senate...

Campus program student payrolls proposed to decrease in 2020-21

Campus program student payrolls proposed to decrease in 2020-21
February 18, 2020

The proposed DASB Senate 2020-21 budget for student payroll is $301,000, a $33,000 decrease from this fiscal year’s budget of $334,000 because funding for many positions is being cut altogether. For...

Severe budget cut recommendations for various De Anza College programs

The De Anza student body government released their budget recommendations for the new fiscal year, various programs did not get what they asked for
February 6, 2019

Student senators announced the 2019-2020 budget recommendations during the Jan. 30 DASB meeting. Carolyn Nguyen, president, and Ian Robertsson, chair of finance, reported the finance committee’s funding...

Playoff bound De Anza football team may be doomed

Defensive back, Aaron	Couch delivering a heartfelt speech on how football molded him into the man he is today at the Oct. 30 IPBT meeting.
October 31, 2018

Two weeks after impassioned pleas to keep De Anza’s football program because of the diverse students it serves, the committee charged with making cuts voted against the team. The football team is...

Budget cuts to custodial positions may reduce De Anza’s cleanliness

De Anza College's campus, already in a state of "Moderate Dinginess," will see fewer cleanings and elimination of two custodial positions
July 7, 2018

De Anza College will lose custodial and grounds positions affecting overall cleanliness on campus, according to members of the Administrative Services Planning and Budget Team. The APPA-U is the body...

IPBT will look at layoffs for future decisions, program cuts to also carry over in fall

June 28, 2018

Plans determining which De Anza College programs will be referred for Viability studies will continue into fall. The De Anza Instructional Planning Budget Team did not reach its goal cutting the $4.6...

The De Anza budget crisis in a nutshell

June 28, 2018

De Anza College is facing district-wide budget cuts that will affect programs such as dance, music, tennis and several others. Elimination of these programs is viable, and there will be only more to come...

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