The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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The voice of De Anza since 1967.

La Voz News

The voice of De Anza since 1967.

La Voz News

Gail J. Hugger, 80, CHSM historian, gestures to one of the informational displays at the museum.

Cupertino Historical Society continues to preserve rich history

Audrey Tran, Freelance Reporter | February 24, 2024

Home to many historical artifacts, the Cupertino Historical Society and Museum aims to share the rich, diverse history of Cupertino. Located at the Quinlan Community Center in Cupertino, CHSM was established...

Trash cans pile up to collect debris around Vallco’s demolition site.

What Vallco Mall’s redevelopment says about Cupertino’s past and future

Yvonne Phan, Reporter | December 6, 2021

After years of dispute and indecision, Vallco Mall is finally being redeveloped into mixed-use housing, but its gradual slide into lifelessness throughout the 2010s is evidence of what could happen when...

Source: Cupertino Chamber of Commerce

Cupertino community comes together to celebrate Diwali for the first time in two years

Natalie Marques, Freelancer | November 4, 2021

Cupertino held the first Diwali Festival since the start of the pandemic on Oct.  16, bringing food, stalls, performances and activities in honor of celebrating this holiday.  Diwali is a celebration...


Cupertino is raising the minimum wage, but it’s not enough

Cameron Oleary, Reporter | October 13, 2021

The city of Cupertino recently announced that starting Jan. 1, 2022, they will be raising the minimum wage to $16.40, a 75 cents increase. This new wage is livable for a high school or college student,...

Source: Myungrang

Myungrang’s fresh and tasty corn dogs are a delicacy

Natalie Marques, Reporter | June 16, 2021
The Korean corn dog restaurant Myungrang in serves a variety of corn dogs that put a delicious twist on an American classic.
East Promontory Trailhead visual simulation for Junipero Serra Trail. Source: City of Cupertino

City of Cupertino will rename the planned Junipero Serra Trail and encourages public input

Crystal Flores, Reporter | June 8, 2021
The City of Cupertino announced that it will rename the planned Junipero Serra Trail, which references a controversial Catholic missionary, focusing on public input.
City Manager Deborah Feng and Captain Rich Urena speak during the City of Cupertinos Community Forum on anti-Asian racism

Sheriff’s captain says anti-Asian crimes are not rising in Cupertino but remain a priority

Kevin Nguyen, Reporter | April 19, 2021
Sheriff’s Captain Ricardo Urena reassured Cupertino residents that anti-Asian hate crimes are not increasing in the area and continue to be a departmental priority in the City of Cupertino Community Forum on April 15.
Introductory slide from the town hall

Town hall proposes restorative justice to heal present and past anti-Asian racism

Kevin Nguyen, Reporter | April 19, 2021
Anti-Asian racism did not begin during the pandemic, said researcher Richard Lim in an online town hall on April 17, hosted by the inclusive housing organization Cupertino for All.
Cupertino City contributes $25K grant in housing aid, eligible De Anza students can get up to $1500

Cupertino City contributes $25K grant in housing aid, eligible De Anza students can get up to $1500

Amy Chan, Reporter | January 25, 2021

De Anza College has increased funding for its affordable housing programs after the City of Cupertino granted $25,000 in housing aid. This will contribute to the Housing Assistance Grants program and...

A campus vaping community

A campus vaping community

Maël Lorach, Staff Reporter | February 25, 2020

Several students laugh and hang out over a game of cards while they blow thick clouds from their electronic cigarettes and watch as a group of children pass by. It’s a typical sight at De Anza College’s...

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