Cupertino City contributes $25K grant in housing aid, eligible De Anza students can get up to $1500


De Anza College has increased funding for its affordable housing programs after the City of Cupertino granted $25,000 in housing aid.

This will contribute to the Housing Assistance Grants program and the House Sharing Program, which help secure housing for De Anza students as they continue their education. Eligible students can gain up to $1500.

“I will certainly apply to the programs to at least get extra help for housing,” said Owen Chen, 21, computer science major. “That is the reason I chose to stay around school in Cupertino.”

This $25,000 donation will contribute to the $200 million fund for employee and student housing, said DASB senator Grace Lim, a 17-year-old applied mathematics major. She added that these difficult times have made it harder for student living.

“I know some people whose families have earned significantly less income because of the pandemic which forced them to, of course, move out of their current housing,” Lim said. “We are going to continue advocating for student housing.”

The pandemic may also undermine student living by threatening public health.

“Our main concern was that if you get sick and you are renting or sharing a room,” Lim said. “We were worried that some students may be kicked out of their housing, especially students who may need to find cheaper alternatives.”

Along with the city of Cupertino, De Anza cooperates with non-profit West Valley Community Services and Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County on their housing programs.