Letter to the Editor- DASB1 min read

Daniel Kim

Dear La Voz,

I am a DASB Senator, currently the Chair of Environmental Sustainability, and I believe that as a school newspaper, with credibility and the goal to inform the student body, La Voz should take into consideration the following information.

The DASB Senate has been underperforming and the amount of corruption and bullying has been unacceptable. Without the issues being raised to the student body, the same organization that is supposed to strive to positively impact the student body will contine to falter in its efforts.

Some of us have been attempting to work diligently and effectively, but there are many factors impeding our progress. Hopefully these factors will cease to block our advances of enough people who find it disturbing and unacceptable can speak out and demand change.

-Daniel Kim

Chair of Environmental Sustainability

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