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Letter to the editor: ‘Work to contract’ issue, De Anza needs stronger leadership

Meredith Heiser-Duron, Guest Contributor

June 4, 2018

Dear Board, Chancellor, and College Presidents,   I am here in my office on Tuesday grading the last 20 papers in Poli 1, which I could not finish over the holiday weekend. However, I find my mind drifting to the “work to contract issue” and what it means in terms of respect for/collabo...

Letter to the editor: Vote no on Measure A

Lawrence Su and Alexander Mabanta, Guest Contributors

May 21, 2018

Editor: Measure A is a proposal to amend the Santa Clara City charter to allow a two multi-member district election system with rank-choice voting by single-transferable vote. The plan is to split the city into two districts, straight along El Camino; the heart of the Korean-American community. This...

Letter to the editor

Leonard Del Rosario, De Anza student

February 2, 2015

Dear Editor, As a recent college student graduate, I found it hard to budget the bills that I needed to pay in my college career. The minimum wage is a bare minimum that college students can hardly live off of. Raising the minimum wage can rectify this issue; however, our government lacks the initiative...

Letter to the Editor: Jubilee solution would eliminate student loan crisis

Robert A. Dahlquist

November 3, 2014

Dear Letters Editor: Following the Lehman banking debacle of 2008, the government sponsored bailout of Too Big to Fail banks did nothing to stimulate the economy because 70 percent of the economy is consumer driven. The only way to stimulate the economy is to eliminate consumer debt. The U.S. economy...

Letter to the Editor: Jeffrey Callison

Jeffrey Callison, Press Secretary, CDCR

November 12, 2013

There were several errors of fact in Jay Serrano’s recent piece about prison crowding and Realignment: 1. California does not “need to release 9,600 inmates by the end of the year.” The current deadline is actually the end of February 2014. Also, the difference between the current population...

Letter to the Editor: Rachel Baltazar

June 14, 2013

Dear La Voz,   This week during the Budget Conference Committee in Sacramento, Assembly Bill (AB) 955 was passed through its first committee hearing. AB 955 would allow for community colleges to charge all students the full price of tuition, which is $144 per unit during summer session. Let’s...

Letter to the editor: Sara Gobets

June 7, 2013

Dear La Voz,   I want to thank Nathan Mitchell and the staff of La Voz for covering 350 De Anza’s efforts to persuade the FHDA Foundation Board to divest from top carbon dioxide polluting companies. From what I understand, 350 De Anza is comprised of a relatively small group of students...

Letter to the editor: Io Ieong Fong

June 7, 2013

Dear La Voz,   Recently, the new student employment policy was amended, and will be executed in the fall quarter. However, the newly amended policy is depriving the chance for students to work on campus as a way to support their families and academics. Originally, students who are at...


May 24, 2013

Dear La Voz, Criticizing the Koch brothers for their attempts to buy and politicize the L.A. Times and other national newspapers is not a personal, or “ad hominem,” attack. Claiming that “One could argue, using the given editorial, that the level of informed decision making by students can ha...


May 24, 2013

Dear La Voz, Scott Peterson’s letter to the editor in response to Russell Green’s article, “Conservative billionaires slated to buy LA Times: Free Press only exists if you can afford it,” is nothing short of laughable. It is typical rhetoric from right-wing fiscal extremists who believ...