LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Taye Marshall2 min read

Dear La Voz,

Scott Peterson’s letter to the editor in response to Russell Green’s article, “Conservative billionaires slated to buy LA Times: Free Press only exists if you can afford it,” is nothing short of laughable.

It is typical rhetoric from right-wing fiscal extremists who believe that people should be able to buy whatever and do whatever they want with their money, damn the consequences.

I especially take exception to the red herring approach Mr. Peterson uses in attacking Green’s position on Fox News.

Mr. Peterson attempts to deflect the repudiation of Fox News by switching the focus of the argument to MSNBC, a news station Mr. Green never said he supported.

I could hardly believe my eyes when I read Mr. Peterson say that Fox News, “has had no such incident,” of deliberately misrepresenting sources or data.

An entire documentary was made based on Fox News lies.  It was called “Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism.”

Mr. Peterson accuses Mr. Green of not using support to back up his assertion that the journalistic integrity of media sources is threatened when purchased by billionaires with obvious political agendas, such as the Koch brothers, when, in fact, Mr. Green’s support is solid.

He points directly to the impact of Rupert Murdoch’s domination of news outlets in America and Europe through his company News Corp.

A former News Corp. executive told Fortune Magazine that Murdoch “hungered for the kind of influence in the United States that he had in England and Australia, and that meant part of our political strategy [in the U.S.] was the New York Post and the creation of Fox News and the Weekly Standard.”

I would call that support in favor of Mr. Green’s point.

It surprises me that Mr. Peterson, a De Anza teacher, did not do his homework before taking on an excellent journalist like Russell Green.


-Taye Marshall, 

De Anza student