Students debate whether to return to campus in fall quarter


Source: Pixabay

As De Anza College continues to reopen, fall quarter classes on campus will repopulate — but many students prefer them online.

A recent De Anza student survey reported that 47% of respondents prefer to take their classes entirely online and 90% are influenced by the flexibility in schedule in deciding to take online classes.

Collin Bailey, 21, communications major, said he prefers online classes due to this flexibility.

“This is my first year taking online classes and I can’t believe I never did this before,” Bailey said. “With how much more time I have from not driving to school and back, I can use that little extra time to study or even do last-minute homework.”

Christian Samuels, 21, history major, disagrees. He said online classes made it more difficult to learn, so he plans to take in-person classes next quarter.

“I plan to return to campus this fall because online classes were so much more difficult for me,” Samuels said. “I felt like I never got a grasp on a really difficult subject and never had that time to really go over the information with my teacher.”

Cody Winstead, 23, business management major, also plans to return to campus. He said that, having never done an online class before the pandemic, he has learned he needs more of a quiet school atmosphere to focus.

“After taking online classes this past year and with both of my parents working from home, both on conference calls, it was always so difficult for me to focus on my studies or my homework,” Winstead said.

De Anza’s plan for returning to campus can be found here.