Letter to the editor

Leonard Del Rosario, De Anza student

Dear Editor,

As a recent college student graduate, I found it hard to budget the bills that I needed to pay in my college career. The minimum wage is a bare minimum that college students can hardly live off of. Raising the minimum wage can rectify this issue; however, our government lacks the initiative to do so because of how divided the political parties are. In turn, the issue remains with no real action towards solving it and it is the American individual that suffers.

In college, I found myself paying for my tuition, apartment, books, and basic living expenses, all of which was not very well supported by rates of working at minimum wage.

Granted, I was able to receive financial aid and scholarships, but that only covered so much.

I still found myself struggling to pay expenses off and in turn had to take out loans. So how can our government help this issue?

Our society places emphasis on attaining the best education you can, but when money is involved, the college student suffers. To progress forward and help these independent individuals, our government needs to give them the proper means to do so.


Leonard Del Rosario

De Anza student