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Activists urge for educational reform at “Stop Asian Hate” rally

Kevin Nguyen, Reporter | May 7, 2021
More than 100 people gathered in San Jose to advocate for educational reform that combats anti-Asian discrimination on April 25, weeks after people marched in San Francisco against anti-Asian violence.
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Nursing instructors prescribe motivation and compassion at career panel

Kaylee Flores, Reporter | May 6, 2021
In honor of Sandra Diaz, a De Anza College nursing instructor who died of COVID-19, healthcare instructors advised students to stay motivated and compassionate at the First Annual Sandra Diaz Panel on April 27.
Various organizations sat down holding up their signs and flags on International Workers' Day on May 1.

Protestors demand higher wages for essential workers on International Workers’ Day

Manveen Kaur Anand, News Editor | May 5, 2021
Hundreds of people marched from Roosevelt Park to San Jose City Hall to advocate for essential workers on International Workers’ Day, May 1.
Grocery bag provided to students includes dried goods, protein, carbohydrates, and more.

A reliable resource: students appreciate De Anza food pantry during pandemic

Rahul Makhijani, Reporter | May 5, 2021
The mobile food and basic needs pantry provided food, toiletries and other essential items to De Anza College’s underserved community on April 27.
You should get your first dose of the vaccine before returning to campus, health staff say

You should get your first dose of the vaccine before returning to campus, health staff say

Teddy Ha, Reporter/ Digital freelancer | May 1, 2021
As De Anza College continues to consider safety concerns in their campus reopening plan, health faculty encouraged students to get the COVID-19 vaccine.
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San Jose residents highlight police brutality in the Bay Area as they celebrate Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict

Kevin Nguyen, Reporter | April 29, 2021
When former police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted for the murder of George Floyd on April 23, residents gathered in downtown San Jose to draw attention to police brutality in the Bay Area.
City Manager Deborah Feng and Captain Rich Urena speak during the City of Cupertino's Community Forum on anti-Asian racism

Sheriff’s captain says anti-Asian crimes are not rising in Cupertino but remain a priority

Kevin Nguyen, Reporter | April 19, 2021
Sheriff’s Captain Ricardo Urena reassured Cupertino residents that anti-Asian hate crimes are not increasing in the area and continue to be a departmental priority in the City of Cupertino Community Forum on April 15.
Introductory slide from the town hall

Town hall proposes restorative justice to heal present and past anti-Asian racism

Kevin Nguyen, Reporter | April 19, 2021
Anti-Asian racism did not begin during the pandemic, said researcher Richard Lim in an online town hall on April 17, hosted by the inclusive housing organization Cupertino for All.
Slide from Erika Flores's presentation during the SSPBT meeting, which shows the different partners De Anza has throughout the community.

Student support programs see increase in enrollment as they remain remote

Lianna Vaughan, Reporter | April 18, 2021
Vice president of Student Services Rob Mieso said student support programs will remain mostly remote on Student Services Planning and Budgeting Team meeting on April 15.
Photo: Anahí Ruvalcaba

What is the new DASG president’s agenda?

Andrea Infante, Impulse Editor | April 10, 2021
Diversifying the De Anza Student Government and improving equity in pandemic relief are the top priorities for newly elected DASG president Anahí Ruvalcaba.
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