De Anza student government internal elections: Week two


Isabella McClintock

Candidates for Vice Chair of Programs from left, Christopher Li, Maggie Singman, Vanessa Chen and Zeynep Bilginan, make their personal statements to the DASG senate.

The second round of the De Anza Student Government’s academic senate internal elections took place April 26.

The format for the elections mirrored week one with candidate statements, a Q&A section open to the senators and time for the Senate to vote on positions. However, all the positions for this week’s election had only one available spot. 

Candidate Virinchi Kuppa, 19, a business administration major who ran for the Vice Chair of Marketing, said that the interview process went better than expected.

“I think it went pretty well,” Kuppa said. “I talked about what improvements I want to see and my prior experience.”

When asked about the Q&A section specifically, candidate Chris Blu Lopez, 18, a political science major who ran for Public Relations Officer, said that he felt positive about how the segment went for him.

“I think my Q&A is where I really shined,” Lopez said. “I was very confident that my answers made sense.”

For some of the candidates, this was not their first time going through the DASG election system.

Candidate Arianna Aguilar, 18, a political science major who ran for Equity and Diversity officer, had previously run for the position of Chair of Student Rights and Equity. 

“I feel a little bit more confident because I had more experience under my belt,” Aguilar said. “I was really new to DASG last time, but this time I had a whole quarter being an intern, so I felt like I had more experience.” 


Results from week two of internal elections:

Vice Chair of Programs: Christopher Li

Legislative Affairs Liaison for SSCCC: Umme Zainab Ahmad

Elections Commissioner: Ethan Ngyuen

Vice Chair of Marketing: Virinchi Kuppa 

Social Media Officer: Kammy Chu

Public Relations Officer: Christopher Blu Lopez

Vice Chair of Student Rights and Equity: Megan Cheng

Equity and Diversity officer: Arianna Aguilar