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De Anza offers environmental friendly bike program

DASB Bike Corral

Austin Tong, Staff Reporter

February 11, 2020

The De Anza Bicycle program aims to promote a greener and less expensive option for students by allowing them to rent bicycles during the quarter free of charge, but the program is not a new development on campus. Approximately 60 bicycles are housed on at the DASB bike rental corral on the side o...

Bike program to expand with big budget increase

Bike program to expand with big budget increase

Steven Hall, Staff Writer

March 9, 2015

The DASB senate’s bicycle program received an addition of $17,000 to its budget for 2015-2016, even though many students say they lack knowledge about the program. “I haven’t heard about it at all,” said Andy Tong, 18, mechanical engineering major. “It sounds good to me. I just need to check...

DASB senate expands bike program

DASB senate expands bike program

Cindy Tran, Staff Writer

November 12, 2014

The DASB Bike Program ordered new bicycles this past summer providing a wider variety for students. The ultimate goals of the Bicycle Program is to present an alternative way for students to get to school and save money. “I have heard of this program. I think it is a great opportunity for students...