De Anza offers environmental friendly bike program


Austin Tong

DASB Bike Corral

Austin Tong, Staff Reporter

The De Anza Bicycle program aims to promote a greener and less expensive option for students by allowing them to rent bicycles during the quarter free of charge, but the program is not a new development on campus.

Approximately 60 bicycles are housed on at the DASB bike rental corral on the side of the Registration and Student Services Building by lot A. 

The DASB bike program was started by the DASB environmental and sustainability community approximately 10 years ago, said Casey Cosgrove, 30, animation major. 

“If students don’t have a reliable way to get from their house to the bus stop, this is a way for them to be more transportation security,” Cosgrove said. 

The eligibility required for the program is students must be 18 years of age, a DASB cardholder and pay all fees or be in an enrollment plan, and enrolled in a minimum of 6 units.

“It’s very convenient because you can bike to literally anywhere and you don’t have to worry about gas or getting a ride from someone else, it’s all on your own,” Rheyanna May, 16, psychology major said.

Students receive a bicycle along with a bike lock, helmet, and corral key when they sign up to be part of this program. 

Students and staff renting bikes park them at designated parking sections throughout the campus and have access to available lockers as well. 

It’s not just for getting to and from school, students also use their bikes to go to work or their friend’s house without having to rely on someone else to take them,” said Steve Hoang, 20, biochemistry major. 

If the rental bike has a flat tire or is in need of repair, the De Anza’s campus now also has two bicycle safety repair stations students, one right by the DASB bike corral and the other on the north face of the Kirsch Center. 

Though the bicycle rental is free, If the bike is lost or stolen, students are required to pay a 300 dollar fee. 

To apply to the bicycle rental program, students fill out an application found on the De Anza College website or the front desk of the Hinson Campus Center, lower level.