New DASB committee promotes Flea Market activities

Julia Kolman, Staff Reporter

In order to support the expansion and improvement of the De Anza Flea Market, the DASB senate voted at the Feb. 27 meeting to make an internal Flea Market Committee.

Yali Zhu, Flea Market coordinator, said the committee will benefit the expansion of the market.

“The goal is to enhance the flea market experience and make the community better,” said Zhu. “The final goal is to provide funding to DASB.”

Zhu said she hopes to add activities to the Flea Market, attract local shoppers and compete with other markets and events.

Senator Brandi Madison said the committee will allocate more revenue for DASB, providing more money for budget allocations.

Casey Cosgrove, DASB bike coordinator, presented six potential Flea Market logos to the senate, which were discussed and voted upon.

Cosgrove said during the meeting that her designs focused on the aesthetic of the market, the products often offered and the support the market provides to De Anza.

The top three designs voted on by the senate will be altered for approval at a later meeting.

The senate will cast their second vote to approve the creation of the committee at the March 6 meeting.