DASB presidential candidate appeals decision to disqualify him amid allegations of racism


Election complaints against Khoa-Nathan Ngo.

Former De Anza Student Body senator and presidential candidate Khoa-Nathan Ngo appealed the Elections Committee’s decision to disqualify him from the presidential campaign in a March 10 meeting.

In a complaint, fellow senators had accused Ngo of “threatening” and “racially charged” behavior against fellow presidential candidate Anahí Ruvalcaba and her vice presidential candidate Sara Morales.

Senators and chair members added three resolutions to the complaint in the meeting, urging future members to “carefully consider Khoa-Nathan Ngo’s history of misconduct … if and when Khoa Nathan Ngo should choose to run for elected office.”

Iris Kim, DASB Chair of Diversity and Events, added that Ngo’s actions aren’t an isolated incident, claiming that Ngo used a racial slur in his username in a game night last quarter.

“I regret the actions and decisions that have led me to squander such an opportunity and to damage the repute of DASB,” Ngo said. “My promise and dedication to learning and growth will be seen for my actions moving forward.”

Both Ruvalcaba and Morales said they were hurt by Ngo’s comments.

“It was a real big slap in the face to see the things that were said about Sarah and I,” Ruvalcaba said. “We never mention that we were Latina to cover up any fact that we were unqualified, but again I don’t think I need to explain my qualifications to anyone.”

Morales said that Ngo disrespected and discouraged her. She added that she brought up ethnicity because she wants more Latino representation on campus.

“This is the exact reason why people of color do not get involved with institutions, because it’s always an uphill battle,” Morales said. “I just want to be able to be in a space where people’s intentions are genuine and where everyone’s really there working towards the well-being of the students that they represent.”

DASB will decide Ngo’s appeal in a special meeting on March 17.