The charm of journalism


Taylor Park, Staff Reporter

Journalism has an integral part in today’s society especially through the development of social media in the past years.

We rely on the news to educate us about what is happening in the world. Journalism brings us stories from our own community to all around the world whether it be about politics, entertainment, education, sports or even fun and weird topics.

The first thing I do when I wake up and the last thing I do before I go to sleep is to check my social media apps and messages. This routine has me partaking in journalism every single day.

Without journalism, we would not have newspapers, magazines, tabloids or even social media apps. Journalism can appeal to anyone who wants to be involved with the news or help reach communities through publishing or spreading news.

In today’s society, without journalism most of us would have no idea what is happening in the state directly next to us or even other countries. Spreading news is how we can provide support to different communities besides our own.

When the Australian bush fires were destroying the country, many people shared the news and donation pages through their social media in order to spread the information and get help for the animals and humans living in that area.

That shows you that journalism can take many different shapes or form, so even if you don’t want to write for a paper, you still can contribute.

Following my local police station on twitter is how I find information about things that directly affect me and the neighborhood I live in.

Different types of journalism can vary between a story containing information on a political bombing or assassination all the way to a story about a famous cat or dog that made it into the news.

Being a part of the journalism community means you can have access to different types of news and share it with your audiences. One can help bring happiness to a small town with a local story while also being able to report on more serious issues that could affect the whole world.

Journalism is being upgraded every single day, and social media is the largest example of that growth. With social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, journalists can reach even more people by having news available easily and mobile on their devices.

Journalism is not just for people who want to focus on their writing or investigative skills. If I don’t want to be a reporter or editor, I still can be a part of the journalism field through advertising and public relation jobs.

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