Joker: An icon for protesters worldwide



A still from Joker (2019).

Harleen Gill, Staff Reporter

Political systems around the world have truly been failing for several decades now. To bring some sort of awareness, a brilliantly thought out form of protest has been inspired from the 2019 psychological thriller, “Joker.”

One of the main messages of the “Joker” was to raise awareness about mental health, but citizens around the world have given this movie a deeper meaning that does not just pertain to society.

It’s quite upsetting how people are also fed up of the mental trauma political systems with their lack of solutions to the immense problems many face on the daily giving this form of protest a creative meaning.

It seems people are touched by the character and are using his face to express how neglected they feel. From Lebanon to Hong Kong, and many other countries, people have been seen protesting with makeup and masks similar to the makeup the Joker wears in the movie.

Imitating the makeup of the Joker is a bold move as a form of protest. It gives a sinister warning. The loneliness and helplessness people are feeling is due to failed political systems that are going to bring serious consequences if nothing is done soon.

These protesters are done being treated as Jokers.

Many people are getting arrested, but it seems like they know that this protest is their last form of resort to convey their message to the government.

Every country should carry out this form of protest to make sure these global leaders hear us. Political systems were placed to help its citizens, but there hasn’t been much help at all lately.

“Joker” has had a powerful impact in many countries leaving many people feeling like they are living the life of the character in one way or another. From being beaten around to not having control over life, people have had enough and no longer want to put up with anymore injustices.

Art can truly impact society without harming anyone while showcasing it. The special power art holds is symbolism. There is always some sort of emotion attached behind a piece of art it wants people to feel.

The pattern with using symbolic pieces of art to protest against an unfair government is that there is a noticeable difference. More specifically, there seems to be a sense of panic within the political system. These protests are definitely not a joke, and should not be taken as one.