The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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Super Mario Bros. Movie: Extraordinary box office success

‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’: Extraordinary box office success

Jessie Zhou | June 28, 2023

"The Super Mario Bros. Movie," an  animated adventure adaptation of the iconic video game, crushed competition in its Easter opening weekend, taking in a staggering $204.6 million domestically and $377...

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 starring familiar faces including Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, and more, released to theaters May 5.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’: Marvel’s best movie since ‘Endgame’?

Anisa Qadir | May 23, 2023

Despite the growing criticism toward Marvel as the franchise enters a new wave, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” manages to exceed expectations, maintaining the strengths of its predecessors while...


‘Aftersun’ and the perils of parenting

Tara Nguyen | November 21, 2022

A drama without the dramatics — film director Charlotte Well’s debut film “Aftersun” released to theaters on Oct. 21, is a soothing but aching remark on childhood.  Featuring Frankie Corio...

Enola Holmes 2 can’t get a clue about its lackluster plot

‘Enola Holmes 2’ can’t get a clue about its lackluster plot

Autumn Alvarez | November 19, 2022

In the plethora of preexisting Sherlock Holmes movies, one of the freshest takes on this franchise comes in a feminine shape known as Enola Holmes in Netflix's movies “Enola Holmes” and most recently...

Graphic by Vi Nguyen

May 2021 marks another Mental Health Awareness month shadowed by the pandemic. Still, students can still enjoy many activities that support mental health.

Maida Suta, Reporter | May 16, 2021
Take the chance this Mental Health Awareness Month to explore these works and others. As schoolwork intensifies, make sure to take time to care for your mental health.
Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

“Godzilla vs. Kong” is poorly-plotted but beautiful extravaganza.

Kat Pursell, Reporter | May 1, 2021
The action movie “Godzilla vs. Kong” bores you with a generic plot, despite the stunning CGI and super-sized fight scenes.
Photo courtesy of Mark Nozell

Five movies to watch to celebrate Women’s History Month

Kaylee Flores, Reporter | March 25, 2021
As Women’s History Month comes to a close, here are five inspiring movies that are based on true stories.
Photo courtesy of Netflix

An overhyped couple’s fight: the disappointment of “Malcolm and Marie”

Emjay Troxclair, Reporter/copy editor | February 15, 2021
The hype for “Malcolm & Marie” outweighs the actual experience of the film, leaving viewers bored and dissatisfied.
“Lingua Franca” powerfully illuminates struggles of Filipina undocumented, transgender woman

“Lingua Franca” powerfully illuminates struggles of Filipina undocumented, transgender woman

Christian Huerta, Staff Reporter | October 31, 2020

“Lingua Franca”  shines a light on a transgender Filipina immigrant story, illuminating the struggles of being undocumented and queer. Jhett Tolentino, producer of the film, said lack of representation...

Jian Yongbo, Kmamura Aio, Chen Han, Tzi Ma, Awkwafina, Li Ziang, Tzi Ma, Lu Hong and Zhao Shuzhen appear in a still from The Farewell, by Lulu Wang. Photo by Big Beach. 

Celebrate Asian and Pacific American Heritage Month with these 3 outstanding films

Leticia Samame, Reporter | May 19, 2020

The month of May is dedicated to celebrating the heritage of Asian and Pacific Islanders in the United States and gives us an opportunity to explore the cinematic masterpieces that tell the experiences...

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