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The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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Academic Adventures Await

Cy Hodgkins
Superheroes do away with the enemies of Community College students

Greetings De Anza College students and faculty! 

To those stepping foot on campus for the first time, welcome to your new college universe. You’ll find it is rich with opportunities for learning and change, but a little lacking in parking spaces.

We are the La Voz Weekly Editorial Board, your trusty sidekicks about all things De Anza, Foothill and beyond. Our charge is to help you confront these changing times with breaking news and a comprehensive analysis of current events. 

Our super powers compliment each other; your ferocious appetite for knowledge coupled with our ability to metabolize a steady diet of coffee and news tips into distilled information makes us a formidable duo against the scourge of ignorance.  

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Ignorance is an evil blight on this campus and in the world today. Although it is this institution’s purpose to thwart it, as collegiate crusaders we often focus more on honing our own educations and abilities while forgetting that outside campus, even outside the classroom, there are other evils that must be combated. 

Crooks include the terrible foe Campus Indifference. This insidious spectre haunts the parking lots and compels students to flee campus as soon as class is over. Campus Indifference clouds the mind, preventing the possessed from noticing the wealth of clubs, events and activist communities all around them.

And don’t forget about the arch-villain Voter Apathy. Every election season this demon zombifies innocent college students and other citizens alike into believing that their vote must not count. That if the ballot really affected them they would have heard about it, and either way, what’s one vote worth among so many?

These malcontents  are closing in on us this year like they do every year. But you, reader and super-student, equipped with your utility backpack and freshly printed copy of La Voz Weekly, will be informed enough to fight back these anti-heros. 

We will tell you what’s important and new on campus, and how to get involved. The clubs with the coolest gadgets and engagement techniques will be put on your radar. We will direct you toward those student body senate meetings that matter most so you can stand up and shout your opinion. 

Use your activist vision to warn your peers of Campus Indifference’s diabolical freeze ray. Then, with a one-two POW! ACTIVE ENGAGMENT! you will knock it out and leave it hanging from the rafters with a calling card or your Facebook URL.

We will tell you what to expect in this upcoming statewide election. You will check those ballot boxes with a sense of purpose and vindication. You will take your pen and, SLASH!, cut down Voter Apathy in defiance of the unregistered hordes.

There is no need to be concerned about your ability to conquer these dastardly evildoers; your reliable sidekick is there to help out, but never steal the limelight. 

Deep within the journalism department, the fortress of solitude that houses the editorial board, amidst the hallowed records and venerated vaults we’ve erected a brand new website designed to be your vigilante oracle. Check there for the news and events that just happened, instead of the week after they happened. To get the news as it happens, link onto our Tweet ( and Facebook ( Voz NewsJunky) command center and you can even get to the scene and snap a picture of yourself there.

When you do, true believer, together we will safeguard this community from apathy and indifference. Remember, knowledge is power; with great power comes great responsibility, and without a response, we cannot be responsible. 

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