DASB looks over updated Flint Center Master Plan


Quan Bach

Flint Center

Lianna Martinez, Staff Reporter

The De Anza Student Body Senate discussed the updated 2020 Facilities Master Plan, which now includes student housing at the Nov. 20 meeting.

“In 2015 we started the plan. It’s typically a 5-year plan and what the plan is, it’s a guiding plan,” Vice President of College Operations Pam Grey said. “So if we ever have bond money or money for any buildings we go by this guide, and it ties with our educational master plan.”

Grey said that the plan is a modified proposal and is not the layout of the building itself.

Since the final decision to demolish the Flint Center was written in the first Foothill-De Anza Master Plan update back in 2015, and approved by student governance in 2016, students and community members are questioning the building’s new potential uses.

“Chancellor Miner is out there talking to community members, trying to put together a public and/or private partnership to build some type of housing or event space, but nowhere do we state this is something we want to do in the plan,” said Grey.

The newest update gives a chance to include the housing needs of students but only in a very broad view.

“Again, were visioning.” Gray said.

“It’s about very broad, general ideas so we can take those visions to the board and from that we can then start working with developers and contractors on our vision,” Grey said.

The completion date of the new building will be in 2026, Grey said.