Nice Buns! De Anza Burger Review-Patty melt


Brenna White, Staff Reporter

The De Anza Beef Patty Melt is the first weekly special that deserves a direct transfer to the permanent menu with its exquisitely balanced yet unabashedly delectable flavor.

I must confess that this sandwich melted much of my skepticism before I even ordered. It is cleverly advertised with the beloved cast of “SpongeBob SquarePants” and although it bears little similarities with the infamous Krabby Patty, the quadrilateral fry cook himself would be proud to call it his own.

Other students on their lunch breaks were immediately drawn to this special as well. In my two weeks of ordering the specials, I have always been the only one doing so and upon eating the previous specials it was for legitimate reasons. However, in the short time I spent in line half of a dozen people ordering dared themselves to go off the traditional menu.

This sandwich doesn’t rely on just one shining element and is sturdily held up by three satisfactory ingredients. Each can carry their own, but together they have the potential for a regular go-to meal. In a fortunate turn of fate, one of the employees noticed that his coworker had forgotten to add the onions and saved the patty from mediocrity.

The least appreciated of the three would be the sourdough bread. It is a pleasing departure from the regular buns most of the burgers are served on due to its noticeably distinct taste that just isn’t present in other bread. In addition, the bread slightly outmatches the patty in size so you’re likely to be left with a perimeter of crust if anything.

The absolute game changer of the sandwich is in the thousand-island sauce. It perfectly offsets its flashier counterparts with steadfast acidity and elevates everything to its full potential. It is the critical secret ingredient if there ever was one.

I have nothing but earnest praise for this fully realized patty melt except perhaps a plea for it to stay so I can order it again. To anyone who enjoys real food, the De Anza Patty Melt will be worth every grease spot.