How To: Staying fit on a tight schedule1 min read

Angel Johnson, Staff Writer

When many college students are busy with work and school, who has time to work out?

Freshmen 15 does not have to be problem with the new Tabata workout.

CJ Jones, fitness center coordinator at De Anza College, said can give you a workout in 15 minute or less with a quick warm up, Tabata training, and a cool down.

Jones, also a personal trainer, creates workout plans for students taking PE 71.

Tabata protocol is a 4-minute high-intensity training program performed four days a week. It helps build endurance and burns body fat without compromising muscle mass.

Japanese scientist Izumi Tabata developed Tabata after he and his colleagues discovered highintensity training has more of an impact on the aerobic systems and anaerobic systems than the typical workout does.

An example of a 15-minute workout:

• First step: A 5 minute warm up. Run in place to get your blood flowing

• Next: The Tabata training. Do each exercise for 20 seconds and take a 10 second rest after. Repeat exercises 1-4 twice.

1) Jumping jacks

2) Burpees: Jump high in the air then dropping down to do a push up.

3) High knees: Stand while bringing knees to chest.

4) V-sits: Lay down on the ground and bring your legs and arms up at the same time to make a V.

• Last step: Cool down with a slow jog.

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